Like Whatsapp (WA), the Dark mode by 2020 at the Latest ( Dark mode )


There is a possibility, Whatsapp (WA) the Dark mode of the Latest 2020 you can do. As we know, WhatsApp is one of the social media, which is widely used for the purpose of communication. Social Media is not only used by young people, but used by almost all age groups. Now WhatsApp brings new features to the users. WhatsApp already supports dark mode is the default-or as a dark mode.

Dark mode is great for the health of the eyes of the user. Especially, when not in use, if the environment is too bright. Dark mode WhatsApp this, the company announced Facebook by posting on the Blog. This mode is compatible smartphone with Android or iOS. Then, how can I get the dark mode in WhatsApp? The following reviews to see!

So You Activate “Dark” (Dark Mode) In WhatsApp

The first step to open the WhatsApp application on Android. Then select the three dots vertically located on the top-right corner of the screen to access the menu setting. After that, select the menu, navigate to the chat and select the theme menu. Here you can select the theme light or dark theme, select manually. To select the dark theme dark mode the. Now the dark-mode can enjoy already in WhatsApp.

A Dark Theme Or Dark Mode Was Carried Out!

The dark theme is on WhasApp the same with the dark theme, which is supported by the other applications. App developer WhatsApp you to choose a color scheme, both of which are coordinated with the subject of Android as a whole. This reduces the eye strain of the user. Of course, the choice is WhatsApp is the make you more comfortable to use WhatsApp.

The white color changed to a dark gray color when the menu is activated dark mode this. Not only that, the activation of this mode also makes the green color in the rule is changed to a darker color also. So you stay in tune with the color of the previous one,

Dark mode is started by you WhatsApp for the entire user in the world. So don’t worry if the application WhatsApp in Android can not enable in this menu. You just have to be patient and wait a little bit to be able to use this mode.

The dark mode in WhatsApp. Not so easy. Good luck yaa guys!

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