Lili Reinhart clarifies: are you still with Cole Sprouse?


The actors Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprousand, couple and stars of the hit teen series ‘Riverdale’, have been dragged to an intense public debate over this summer that basically questioned the good health of the romance that started already some two years.

Since last July, several of the witnesses to ensure that they had listened to the interpreter to make a subtle reference to the hypothetical end of their courtship during the occurrence of both in a Comic-With of San Diego to present the new season of the production of Netflix, of which marched separatelymuch has been said about the excess of work, or the “estrangement natural” that would explain its decision to go separate ways.

However, in his last interview, the 22-year old man has made clear that Cole and her are still together and, as proof, has dropped some details about Halloween costumes are so well co-ordinated look the two lovers, if all goes well, when the expected party 31 October.

“I think that I have already chosen a specific character for Halloween, but my idea is to agree to it before with my boyfriend, Cole. I don’t want to say much more so not to ruin the surprise, but I would like it to be a duo show”, said the artist, whose reference to your partner may be casual but it certainly is very revealing, in conversation with the magazine Coveteur.