Lili Reinhart defends Cole Sprouse of attacks on Twitter after finishing their loving relationship Riverdale eint | Shows


After completing his three-year relationship, Lili Reinhart came out in defense of Cole Sprouse since the actor was victim of network attacks. Users accused him of letting the actress by interest in another person.

The protagonist of Riverdale was to trend on Twitter after completing the romance with his colleague, who also participates in the highly acclaimed television production. Internet users expressed their discomfort with the unexpected rupture and syndicated as guilty as the artist of 27 years.

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To criticism, Lili Reinhart decided to take a stand and show its rejection by the comments towards Cole Sprouse. “Twitter is a very hostile place. It is very easy to say nonsense through your phone, right? It is for this reason that people prefer to keep their relationships in private,” he said.


The actress of Riverdale made it very clear that he will not allow such behavior from their followers. “Do not tolerate this. Do you want to attack me? Is well. But assaulting another person for no reason, just because it is trending?”.

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In addition, we gave a tip to the regular users of social networks. “Do you want to feel important or valued? Do something profitable with your time and I know a better person”, he concluded.

Cole Sprouse defends attacks

The exactor of Disney defended the criticism on social media after spreading a rumor about a possible relationship with the model Kaia Gerbera fact which he denied.

Cole Sprouse on Instagram

“I tolerate a lot of rumors of people on the internet who call themselves my fans (…) But, attack my friends, accusations without foundations, spread my address and send me death threats, they are qualities of fanaticism and madness,” said Cole Sprouse.

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart: How Many time they had as a couple?

The couple ended their relationship after almost three years. During the time that they had together, the actors were involved in scandals, by which the international press called their relationship toxic because of the ‘twists and turns’ in their romance.

The couple ended their relationship after almost three years.

How did you meet Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart?

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse they met in the series Riveldale began their relationship in the year 2017. At the beginning they were not sure to announce your commitment.

Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse

However, after several clues, they decided to officialize their romance in the parade together at the MET GALA in 2018.