Lili Reinhart defends Cole Sprouse of the abusive attacks


Lili Reinhart will not drag the name of Cole Sprouse due to the mud.

The star of Riverdale it was Friday Twitter to address the cyber bullies after that #ColeSprouseIsOverParty started to be a global trend. In the long and clear thread, Lili declared his disgust with the individuals who contributed to the hashtag.

Watch the video with all the details.

As a celebrity with many followers, the actress has had to endure many trolls of the Internet, but has been shown not to have problems to defend themselves against the people for their behavior. Either Twitter or Instagram, Lili has spoken on many occasions about the constant criticism that she, her boyfriend and his castmates get in line.

Last week, when the people began to say that she and Cole had finished and was now going out with Kaia Gerber. The own Cole he called the rumors “unfounded” and argued that any participation in gossip “choose humanity”.

At the same time, Lili he published another tweet deleted that warns of the trolls who understand what it is the karma when it bites in your “miserable ass.”