Lili Reinhart does not recognize her boyfriend and he is confused with Dylan Sprouse


Dylan and Cole Sprouse are the twins most famous of the television; however, both have already matured and their factions of youth allow their fans to achieve identification.

But it seems that Lili Reinhart, wedding Cole, have problems to recognize your boyfriend and you need to put a label with your name. What? We tell you what happened.

Dylan decided to share a photo old christmas at the side of Brenda Song and Ashley Tisdale, co-cast on his program “Twins on board”. Everything was going well, Dylan just made a joke about the christmas party that enjoyed a few years ago.

The funny thing of it was, when Lili he reacted to the photo and left a comment in the publication thanking you for your brother-in-law who’ve been tagged in Colebecause he confessed that I never would have recognized. Apparently, the time that they have relationship only has helped to distinguish it from the present, but… perhaps your boyfriend should show his collection of children photos. LOL

Did your manage to recognize each one of them? QUIZ: Can you differentiate Dylan and Cole Sprouse?