Lili Reinhart is taking on the challenge of making-up to a fan in 60 seconds

Is there something that Lili Reinhart not right?

The star of Riverdale has been stripper in Hustlersambassador of beauty products, and has walked hundreds of red carpets. Although that does not mean that there will be things to try.

The actress is the current cover of Allure magazine, and to accompany its cover, Reinhart made a video with 9 things that you’d never done before.

Hang a picture, try a fruit to japanese, play the flute, melt a cube of ice, take the water from the bucket, put on a lip balm with spicy, celebrate a surprise party for no one, and Polish the shoes of a boy were the challenges that you conquered Lili.

But when they tried to put makeup on the reverse of a fanatic in 1 minute, we’re not sure if it was a success.

Watch the video to see as the american beauty ruled the fun-filled task in 60 seconds.