Lili Reinhart meets one of his biggest dreams, and celebrates it as well


Lili Reinhart was in the news two weeks ago for an open letter she wrote to her doggy style. His pet was about to die of ingesting something that should not be and the american what went wrong. Very bad. Wrote between tears as the life can change from one moment to another and a decision can sumirte in the deepest sorrow. Perhaps it is just a dog, many say, but the one who has a pet understands the pain that you can assume to lose it.

The actress of Riverdale is eating up the 2020. Has become one of the faces most recognized in the world and in the united States already view it as an actress with a promising future. Among his future projects there is a movie, but for the moment, she has not wanted to confirm anything.

Yes we knew that it had been proposed to fold to a character in animated filmsbut she had always rejected the papers. Not felt safe to put your voice and give life to a character that would live thanks to his way of speaking.

However, perhaps renewed by the spirit of the confinement, has decided to give voice to one of the characters of their favorite series, The Simpsons. Is amazing!

Will give voice to a friend of Lisa, the middle daughter of the family, in a meeting at the house of one of them. It is a dream for Reinhart to be able to give voice to a character in one of the series most iconic of the past few years. Those who see the chapter in the original version will be able to enjoy the talent of the actress.

To celebrate, wanted to upload a picture of the moment, of the scene. In our head as we imagine it to be, but she has said that, modestly, it is much better than we think. Will there be any more surprise? We’ll have to see for yourself.