Lili Reinhart shares update on the condition of your dog Milo after the attack


Lili Reinhart is sharing an update on the condition of your dog Milo after an attack “horrible” left him needing surgery.

Bringing their stories of Instagram on Saturday, the “Riverdale” Star said that Milo is recovering and is “surprisingly well” after his procedure.

“It’s okay. Is at home with me. Underwent a surgery,” said Reinhart after thanking his fans for their support. “He had a large wound in the head, so that part of his head is shaved, so that it has a small puncture wound here as well that is stitched. Is a little shy. Is taking pain relievers to help because you notice that you are quite uncomfortable with the points. “

The actress of “Hustlers” went on to talk more about the attack, describing it as “traumatizing”.

“I can honestly say that was the most terrifying I’ve ever experienced,” said Reinhart. “I still have memories of that whole situation and of the traumatic that was for him and for me. I mean, I just hope that it will heal really well and not be terrified of other dogs from now on, we will likely have to work on that”. that.”

“He’s doing surprisingly well and is being a little more tender at this time, which is really sweet”, he concluded, “but I’m watching each of their movements, and taking care of it well”.

The update of Reinhart came after she had emotionally the incident on Friday.

“This is strange to me and I’m not exactly sure why I’m doing it, but I guess to all the people who care about my puppy, Milo,” she said between tears. “I was pulling out today to do some exercise. He wore a mask and gloves, so don’t start with me about that. He was attacked by another dog. It was pretty bad.”

She added: “I Had to take it quickly to the animal hospital, and is now there to undergo a surgery. Has a wound quite deep in the neck. God, it was a very horrible”.

Reinhard introduced him to Milo to his followers in February. The adorable puppy came to the rescue Furever Freed in Vancouver, Canada, the city where she was starred in “Riverdale”.

“This is my new baby. He has quickly become a great love for me”, subtituló a picture of it with your dog. “You know Milo ❤️ my love rescue @fureverfreed 🐶”

In another sweet publication, Reinhart shared a photo hugging his furry friend, calling him his “little son very real.”

Last month, Reinhart, who has spoken about his battles with anxiety, depression and dysmorphia body, talked about how much it means to your pet for it.

“I am very grateful for Milo. I really don’t think you get out of bed some days if it weren’t for him,” he said. tweeted. “Now I understand those stickers that say ‘who rescued who?’”

You improve soon, Milo!

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