Lili Reinhart talks about the kiss most controversial of the entire series


‘Riverdale’ has become one of the series of the moment. And it is not for less!, their plots, characters, and mystery of each chapter have won over the viewers from the start.

The last episode of ‘Riverdale’ has been much talked about. And it has surprised all the fans of the series to include an unexpected moment: Finally, Betty and Archie have been kissed.

In ‘Chapter 74: Wicked Little Town’, the couple had to rehearse for the talent contest, but they ended up kissing, which has led to criticism by some fans. Being one of the most anticipated moments, and seeing the revolution it has caused, Lili Reinhart has asked for calm via his Twitter account:

“Something to think about: you don’t have to agree or support the decisions of Betty, but it is a young girl. It is discovering, as all over the world. Sometimes people do bad things”, he has written the ‘actress ‘ Riverdale’ in your account.

This kiss occurred in the episode musical seriesso the fans were already expecting that to happen something big, but not a kiss so little expected.

In addition, the tension of Betty and Archie with their respective partners helped to cause this kisssomething that, on the other hand, a large portion of fans wanted that to happen, but others, those who support Betty and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Archie and Veronica (Camila Mendes) are not in agreement, this way, have flooded Twitter with criticism.