Lili Reinhart, the actress of Riverdale, spoke about the sexual abuse she experienced when she was 16 years old


Lili Reinhart Credit: Agencies

There seems to be missing little to know

the resolution of the lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein.

The last thing that is known is that the expoderoso Hollywood producer

not will testify at his trial

for the sexual abuse of

in New York, a decision that has been taken by the lawyers of the accused after considering that you have not presented enough evidence against her. And one of their lawyers most well-known, Donna Rotunno, is giving a lot to talk about with their latest statements.

In them,

made in the podcast, The Daily New York Times

to the journalist Megan Twohey, Rotunno argued that women would not be raped if seem to her more, among many other comments proven wrong, which we collect below: “The women who agreed to meet with Weinstein in a hotel room (where he used to hold business meetings) should have understood that the producer wanted to have sex with them”, he says at the beginning of the interview. “We have created a society in which women do not have to take any responsibility for their actions. We have created a society in which if we decide to believe in all women means that we cannot argue with them. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk for a woman to be present and put in a complaint”, goes on to say when asked why they should be lying to the victims of Weinstein. “They have never abused me, because he would never let a man I stand in that situation. This is why I have always taken the right decisions, since I entered the university. I never drank, I never went home with someone that did not know and I was never in a vulnerable situation. Never,” he added when asked if he has ever been in a situation of abuse.

In addition, the lawyer argued that women can’t have a social network like Tinder and surprised to see that on the first date men try to have sex with them. At this point of the interview, Megan Twohey asked him if he was serious, adding that women should not be forced to monitor every aspect of your life for the fault of the men, which Mazzotta said: “men should not be constantly protecting themselves against the accusations of hysterical women in a world that is increasingly a place more frightening to them”, some impressive words after the journalist decided to terminate the interview.

Donna Rotunno, attorney for Weinstein, he made controversial statements
Donna Rotunno, attorney for Weinstein, he made controversial statements Credit: Agencies

The words of Lili Reinhart

When the case Weinstein came to light in 2017, along with the movement #MeToo,

the young actress


Lili Reinhart

posted a comment on Tumblr that

he explained how they had sexually abused her with only sixteen years

. The situation in question took place during the recordings of one of his earliest works, in which Lili and one of his co-stars, much more older than her, they began to have something more than a friendship: “I Was a teenager working on a project… when I started to fall in love with a guy that was working. It was incredibly charming and charismatic; we flirt for a while before having our first date. He was quite older than me, but I considered myself a mature person, so that seemed like a great thing”, she began saying in a publication called “the light of the allegations Harvey Weinstein”.

“I’m not comfortable giving specific details about the situation because I don’t feel that is necessary. The only thing that matters is that you tried to overdo it with me when we were on a date. I had to stop him and say: ‘No, I don’t want that, I can not do it’. I remember feeling that it was a scene straight out of a horror movie”, he explained in his time. Now, thanks to a

new interview with Allure magazine

, where Lili returns to talk about the fact, we know that his partner held her still against the floor and tried to force her: “I felt physically immobilized against the floor as she dropped to dry on me and was rubbing against my body, basically”.

After that Reinhart way out of the situation, feeling violated and uncomfortable, her partner convinced her to upload it to the car and take her to his house, but the reality is that I was trying to take her to his apartment: “I Knew if she was there I was going to spend something wrong, so I told her to let me in my house, that I didn’t want to go home. He let out a snarky comment reluctantly and took me home.” Lili was overtaken by a situation I could not handle, but the next day he wanted to speak with him: “He proceeded to tell me that it was my fault for having guided you to do this, all I incited to sex, that I cheated on her. In addition called me a witch and I labeled as the woman the more manipulative they had known. I just wanted to get a little clarity on the situation and he refused”, he explained in 2017.

Now, the actress finally understands the situation, despite the fact that for her, those months are just a blur and the memories locked in his mind:”

I think I shared my story before I really understood.

I kept thinking of it as something physical, but it was more of a psychological abuse that lasted for a couple of months. I agreed with it because what I was looking for your constant approval, because we were working together. I wanted a work environment that is easy,” he explained in the interview. But, in his time,

Lili felt miserable and was afraid to tell people about it

to think that no one will believe him or her by having him a much more important role in the project: “He had power… And if he said something, maybe the production would stop and the people would lose their job. In addition to that, you might think that it was just a little girl with dramatic air of a diva… and no one would want to go back to work with me,” he said then.

These new statements address the opinion misogynistic, Donna Rotunno, in which it blames the women for not understanding that an appointment with a man means that they are accessing to have sex. But Lili Reinhart looks with hope to the future: “What gives me hope is that people like

Melissa Benoist share their story of domestic abuse

with the world, because I think that helped a lot of people doing that. When people talk about an experience of sexual abuse, physical or psychological, or some kind of fight against a disorder, are encouraging other people not to suffer in silence,” concludes the actress.