Lilian Thuram: This new act of racism of which he was a victim …


Invited this Sunday, January 17 of the magazine “Seven to eight”, Lilian Thuram returned to the racism of which he is a victim on a daily basis.

Lilian Thuram’s fight against racism does not seem ready to end. Invited this Sunday, January 17 of the show “Seven to eight”, where he was the subject of the “portrait of the week”, the former international tricolor confided directly on the racism of which he is a victim on a daily basis. As revealed by journalist Audrey Crespo Mara, Karine Le Marchand’s ex-companion did not fail to discuss this problem with her two children, Khafre and Marcus, from an early age. “You always explained to your children that they should keep in mind that they are black. Why tell them that?” asked the journalist.

Lilian Thuram was very clear on the subject: ” So that they are not surprised. Racism is cultural. It’s like sexism, it’s cultural. Homophobia is cultural. So, it’s shared by a lot more people than you think. I just want my kids to understand what’s going on. Does racism still exist? Yes. So, they live it “he said. let go with certainty.

The former 1998 world champion then related an anecdote which happened to him recently: ” We leave the restaurant very late, we try to take a taxi. The first refuses to take us, saying: ‘No, no, that’ is not me, it is the other… ‘We arrive, he refuses to take us. We go to the third taxi and this gentleman says to me:’ Ah, Mr. Thuram, are you okay? They did not recognize you! ‘ Do you see the violence of that sentence? “, he was moved.