Lily-Rose Depp reveals her new love: let’s find out who it is

Actress and model Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, is making her way into show business. She recently starred in Idol with The Weeknd. Her love affairs have always been the subject of much discussion, from falling in love with actor Timothée Chalamet to a long relationship with model Ash Stymest and flirting with Austin Butler. But recently, the actress came out and once again surprised everyone.

Lily-Rose Depp has repeatedly stated that she considers herself sexually volatile and refuses any labels. She explained that she is not straight or gay, but she is free to fall in love with anyone who hits her, male or female, so she doesn’t want to define her sexuality with a certain label. And now Lily-Rose Depp has a girlfriend. After months of rumors, the couple finally opened up by sharing photos on Instagram stories. His girlfriend is rapper 070 Shake, whose real name is Daniel Balbuena. In confirmation of the news, Lily-Rose Depp wrote under the photo: “4 months with my love.” Shortly after, 070 Shake shared the same story on his social media.

Today, the two women openly live their relationship and show themselves very close and in love. This attitude surprised many fans of the actress, since Lily-Rose Depp is usually very secretive in her personal life. During an interview on Drew Barrymore’s talk show, she stated that she attaches great importance to privacy, stating that she learned from an early age the importance of keeping one’s private life private. However, things seem to be different this time around: the actress has no problem publicly boasting with her girlfriend and sharing intimate photos on Instagram.

As a result, Lily-Rose Depp openly stated that she is sexually volatile, and she has a girlfriend, rapper 070 Shake. Now the couple is openly in love and shows themselves to the public without any problems. The new revelation of her personal life surprised fans of the actress, accustomed to her privacy. How this relationship will affect Lily-Rose Depp’s career and public image remains to be seen.

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