Limetown: Jessica Biel goes after the truth, whatever the cost


What began as a successful podcast in 2015, ended up migrating to a new environment thanks to Facebook Watch that has decided to give him a new verve for proper audiovisual Limetownthe exclusive new series of the platform that promises high dose of thriller and mystery along with the protagonist, Jessica Biel.

In Limetown Jessica Biel gives life to Lia Haddock, a reporter from American Public Radio, who awarded a research about the mysterious disappearance of 300 inhabitants of a scientific community in Tennessee. “The story is very compelling to me, because I like the crazy things that go beyond reality. I was interested in history thanks to the human aspect which reflects it. I’ve always been interested in human behaviour, the decisions we make, the things that we do and our mental acuity,” he said.

Since its premiere in July of 2015, the success of the story by Zachary Akers and Skip Bronkie began to rise as the foam, because with more than 10 million downloads, was number one in the lists of podcasts from Apple and the iTunes Best of 2015. The task of adapting this fiction sound seemed to be nothing easy. However, to build a character so complex and severe trauma product of his past, and Jessica Biel picked up important elements of not only the podcast, but the book’s prequel that he wrote Cote Smith in 2018, and that focuses their attention on a young Lia Haddock dealing with the absence of family, especially his uncle Emile Haddock, played in the series by Stanley Tucci.

“This particular project has a lot of information around. The book prequel speaks about the family, about Lia when it is young and their brother and their experiences growing up together. That to me was gold all to create the character and explore it in more depth within the psyche of the character, and I would also say that in the psyche of Emile and his family, all, how came this people to where you are now. We take a little of the book, but in the end, the answers came from the podcast, we created characters that did not exist in him. But the reality is that we use all the sources that we had around us. The first season of the podcast helped us to navigate the waters of these characters and the story, then think about how the transformaríamos into something more cinematic and ready to be seen on screen”.

Jessica Biel Limetown Facebook Watch

From the first episode, Lia Haddock questions us that we are able to sacrifice to find the truth. His obsession with unraveling the mystery of the disappearance of the 300 inhabitants of Limetown make it touch the bottom, only to discover that behind the mystery hides something much more sinister related to the technology and the way in which humans communicate. In this regard, the interpreter we shared how he prepared psychologically to the character.

“Lia has a dark side which is connected with what happened with his family. How that trauma so great permeates in it, dealing with his work, with the authority, with sexuality and intimacy. I prepared the character from a perspective of narcissistic and selfish and the way in which he is trying to find answers no matter the cost. It is a kind of to the detriment of herself, against his family and the people around you, that was the way in which to prepare that part of the character, starting from his childhood and then make a sort of connection when we see in their adult stage”.

Exploring new perspectives

On this occasion, not only Jessica Biel takes the helm as the protagonist of the show, but also it does so behind the scenes as producer of the series. The also the protagonist of The Sinner we shared how was your first approach with the podcast, and his experience taking control of the narrative and his character in front of and behind cameras.

“I knew the podcast last year. It was amazing to find something about crimes, but crimes are fictitious. I was surprised to not have found it by myself because I love to listen to the podcast. The creators of the podcast (Zachary Akers and Skip Bronkie) we brought the project to my partner and me, then we listen to you and right away I thought it was real, I really didn’t know that was fiction. But I made a commitment right away at a very deep level”.

He also emphasized the importance of working hand-in-hand with the writers and the production team. “That gave me the opportunity to be more demanding and work hand-in-hand with the writers and all contributors to know what it is we are doing and what is the language of the show, as are the images, is a creative process very rewarding. I love the option of not being on the screen all the time, it is a wonderful experience to serve as a producer”.

Finally, Jessica Biel showed enthusiastic by the idea that Limetown can be enjoyed on a platform like Facebook Watch, as it facilitates a virtual community can talk about the show in real-time. Without leaving aside that the premise of the series is intimately related with the use of technology and the negative impact it could generate.

“It’s a movement naive of Facebook where you have the opportunity to talk about positive and negative things, but at the same time the possibility to comment and connect with people immediately, because that is what we are talking about in the showagain , it is very dynamic, But in the series all of that crumbles, destroying people and destroying the community”, he concluded.

Limetown Jessica Biel Facebook Watch

The cast of Limetown complement Marlee Matlin as Deirdre Wells, Kelly Jenrette is Winona, John Beasley is Warren Chambers, Sherri Sawm in the role of Gina Purri, Omar Elba as Mark Green, Louis Ferreira is Max Finlayson and Janet Kidder as Lenore Dougal. The script is under the orders of Zachary Akers and Skip Bronkie, while the chair of directors is Rebecca Thomas (Stranger Things).

The end of season Limetown you are already on Facebook Watch with its last two episodes, and here you will be able to enjoy them. While in this link will be able to listen to the podcast that inspired the series.