Linda Diaz criticized for being ‘negligent’ to Coco Roper

Linda Diaz has faced comments and criticism from those who say she is not a good mother, noting that she “neglects” her daughter Nicole “Coco” Roper Diaz who is in poor health.

In a surprise livestream on her Instagram on Tuesday, the former model and businesswoman stood up to everything they said and opened up about what the last three years have been like for her and her family. How difficult.

The former Channel 7 presenter has had mixed feelings since leaving twins Gary and Tiffany Austin at university on August 15 this year, meaning none of her four children live with her anymore .

“As a mother, it hurts my heart to see my daughter sick and suffering; however, Nicole and I speak to each other every day and we are always connected and united. Doesn’t mean I can’t go there,” he said in a live-only broadcast.

“We’ve been like this (Koko’s illness) for more than three years, and every time Nicole arrives at the hospital, the whole family is flown in to take care of her, which is impossible,” he added.

Coco Roper lives in Texas and the rest of the family lives in Miami.

Linda explained that because of Coco’s health condition, she and her daughter Linda Liz were separated to care for her for a while, and friends sometimes offered to help them.

According to Linda, this is how they agreed within the family to receive the harsh diagnosis of cervical cancer for their daughter.

Also, the family was organized that way, as Coco’s situation began to affect Linda Diaz’s health from the very beginning.

Diaz began experiencing gastritis, alopecia or hair loss, and a rare rash on her body months after Coco’s diagnosis, symptoms that worsened after she was vaccinated against covid-19.

“Sometimes humans want to be so strong that when the body starts calling out to them, because it’s my body that tells me: ‘Linda, put down the two stripes’; because I can’t be anywhere at the same time, ’ he added.

She testifies that she is better now, but always prays for her daughter’s health with Jesus in her mouth.

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