Lionel Messi absent from Inter Miami: Statement from Tata Martino: Inter Miami is on the highest alert due to the form of Lionel Messi: What is happening?

maximum attention inter miami For the future of his greatest man.And the coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino He assured on Friday, September 15 that it would be “careful” with Argentina’s management Lionel Messi This will determine whether the world champion will travel with the team Atlanta After training, participate in the Major League Soccer (MLS) matchup.

That’s okay, but we’ll make the final decision at the end of the training. We will be very careful because we have a lot of important games in the short term. We would discuss it every day and see how they felt. “Martino said of the situation with Messi and other Inter Milan internationals.

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With his best players leaving the team, ‘Tata’ has only been left with 12 players on the field over the past two weeks. FIFA dates.

Messi has returned from a concentration camp in Argentina and Martino reports that he will start work this Thursday. “First we have to determine if he is fit to travel and we will analyze not only this game but everything that is in front of us these days.Martino said.

The possibility is that he travels, he does not travel, he plays football, he goes to the bank, we will decide all this after training“, he emphasized.

former captain of football club barcelona He scored 11 goals in the same number of games wearing an Inter Miami jersey. then went champion in august League Cup, the first trophy in his club’s history.carry Scored one goal in three MLS games He didn’t see the door during the duel with him nashville and Los Angeles Football Club.

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