Lionel Messi did not train with Argentina in La Paz and is doubtful for match against Bolivia

One day after the meeting Bolivia the second date of South American QualifiersAs Argentina trains in La Paz, an important novelty raises alarm Scaronetta: Lionel Messi Did not participate in practice Doubts remain over his availability for the game, which kicks off at the Stadium at 5pm Hernando Siles.

The training was held behind closed doors at the strongest club venues, and the statistic that resonated most was Messi is absent Practice with other students. It must be remembered that the captain of the world champion team scored the winning goal against Ecuador. commemorative With a wonderful free kick, he left the field in the 88th minute due to discomfort in the back of his right thigh. The star underwent medical tests but no injuries were confirmed, so Lionel Scaloni adds him to the list of summonses.

Uncertainty over Messi’s presence in the starting XI increased as the 36-year-old footballer also did not train in Ezeisa after winning the first qualifying round. “They confirmed to me that Messi did nothing. He didn’t even put on his boots. “He didn’t take part in the practice and just watched from the sidelines. “reporter Federico Bueno reports ESPN View from the scene.In a later photo, the national team returns to the hotel Camino Real Rio was seen getting off a bus wearing an Argentina jacket, unlike other players who were wearing light blue training jerseys.

According to the official page of the AFA website, the event was not extensive due to the need for acclimatization due to the altitude. Football players perform low-intensity conditioning drills on mats and then perform pirouettes in the center of the field. Then, Scaloni did two short-break defensive efforts. At the end of the game, the attackers and attacking midfielders are practicing shooting, while the defenders are practicing set pieces.

The national team captain did not train with his teammates and will therefore not be available for tomorrow’s game in La Paz

“We just went on like this. One day, he was tired and asked to change clothes. There is no need to talk all the time. If it’s good, just play.”Scaloni said the day before leaving for La Paz. The coach remains firm on his stance on not choosing the No. 10 shirt until the last minute, warning that if he trains differently it will only be as a precaution.

As for the teams that can stop Hernando SilesAt an altitude of more than 2,600 meters, Scaloni said there will be no major modifications compared to the first show in Buenos Aires. “I have the idea more or less in my head. It will be similar to what he played the other day. As long as there are no complications, it will be similar. We are happy with the performance. We all know the complications of height, and these changes are important too.These changes may even be more important than the actual changes that occurred. At first we waited until tomorrow (Monday).There may be some modifications but the block will be the same as always,” he said. Among the possible changes to the lineup are Angel Di Mariausually responds well at high altitudes.

Lionel Messi watches the national team training in La Paz with Claudio Tapia (@fotobairesarg)

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