Lionel Messi has changed his appearance, he looks different and one detail of Antonella Roccuzzo is fatal: “He loves it”

Lionel MessiThe jewel of world football is once again in the spotlight after returning to training with Inter Miami, and not just for his ability on the ball. He looked ten years younger. The iconic player once again proved that in addition to being recognized for his talents on the pitch, he can also be a true fashion influencer.Every time you execute a “Appearance change”, It became an international sensation and became an inspiration for many admirers who tried to emulate his style.

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After joining Inter Miami after a difficult spell at PSG, Messi was forced to take a short break due to “muscle fatigue”, which ruled him out of the game against Bolivia and the showdown with Atlanta United. However, after taking the necessary rest, he resumed training.

Before that break, Messi had already played a series of games on behalf of the team wearing a pink jersey. During those dazzling games, the club won its first ever trophy and was on its way to another final. With the arrival of Messi, the team has rekindled its hope of advancing to the playoffs. Without it, the outlook seems less encouraging.

During the exercise, Messi Not only did he show signs of recovery, training at the pace of his teammates, but his new appearance also left many speechless. Under the supervision of technical director Gerardo Tata Martino, with whom he spent quality time at Barcelona and the national team, and who coincidentally was “born” in Newell’s Old Boys in Rosario, Lionel Messi He participated actively and appeared positive and refreshed.

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But the biggest surprise wasn’t his performance on the court, but his face. No one saw him miss his forehand or shot, but he did not appear with his characteristic beard, which confused several teammates, who said it took some of them a few seconds to recognize him.

There are rumors that this decision Lionel Messi The choice of a “clean face look” came from a conversation, or perhaps a suggestion, from his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, who was clearly fascinated by her husband’s fresh, energetic appearance. “He looks ten years younger,” one of his companions said. Yes, if we talk about Messi, he is always in the top ten in everything.

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