Lionel Messi hates the way he is called in private

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Lionel Messi There is no doubt that of all football players in history, he is one of the most recognized and respected players in the world. His brilliance on the field and humility off it have made him an icon beyond borders, while his victory at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has placed him on a level of Mount Olympus that few have access to. Yet, far from delighting him, this difference from the others troubled him.

This is thanks to Leandro Paredes, Messi’s teammate in the Argentina national team and former Paris Saint-Germain teammate.Some time ago, the former Boca midfielder shared an anecdote about the nickname Lionel Messi In conversation with Greg Rossello.

Halfway through the interview, the internet celebrity asked Paredes: “When will you stop saying Messi to him and say Leo to Messi?”

response Leandro Paredes It’s a unique and in-depth look at the world champion’s personality. “I never called him Messi,” Paredes said, before detailing a story involving his youngest son.

When Paredes and Messi send their children off to school in Paris, Paredes’ son often says hello Lionel Messi Say: “Hello, Messi.”

However, Lionel Messi I have a clear preference. At one point, he told the boy: “Stop calling me Messi. My name is Leo.” This anecdote shows the human and simple side of Messi, who prefers to be called by his first name.

Paredes also shared how Messi’s preference affected his son. Sometimes, when Paredes told his son that they were going to meet Messi or go to Messi’s house, the boy replied: “Don’t tell him about Messi, he will be angry. He doesn’t like it.” So, out of fear for Messi Like respect, Paredes never said anything about Messi to him again.

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