Lionel Messi made Tata Martino see his pass against New York Red Bulls 10 times even though he didn’t believe it

“This is the first time I’ve seen this pass no less than 10 times because when I get a chance to play football I love this goal pass but I can’t really find anywhere how Kremarski does it. Look at it,” commented the coach after Inter Milan’s win over the New York Red Bulls last Saturday.

Speaking to the media before the team’s training on Tuesday, the technical director pointed out that the style is designed for Messi, but cannot rely solely on him.

“Having a football player like Lionel, it’s hard not to design the team around him and how we can get the best version of him. All the schemes and competitors we’re using, we’re thinking about how we can get him better performance.” We did well because the other players understood the idea very well and how we could exploit Leo’s possibilities without stopping the teamwork. “

‘Tata’ Martino talks about 10-man absence FIFA dates through non-stop activities MLS And it was announced that next season’s games may no longer be played on these days.

“There are games where that happens because of the FIFA dates and the games don’t stop, we are missing not only Leo but a lot of other players, Kansas is a key date but it’s always Ok we have a team with great players around us and we need to keep moving forward in the league

“I know they’re analyzing next year and that’s probably going to happen,” Martino said Tuesday.

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