Lionel Messi not satisfied after new victory at Inter Miami: “We are pursuing new goals”

Messi speaks after Inter Miami’s win over Los Angeles

Lionel Messi Made another outstanding contribution in victory Inter Miami vs. Los Angeles FC. LaPulga contributed two assists to the team 3-1 The final was played at the home ground of the previous MLS champions. “We said to each other, This is a good test. Look at where we stand and what we are capable of. We are playing on a very difficult pitch against a very good opponent, The final champion.We got a very important result Regarding what is about to happen,” the Argentinian said in a statement with Apple TV.

Facundo Farias, Jordi Alba and Leonardo Campana, the latter two of whom Messi assisted on team Tata Martino; Ryan Hollinghead scored for the home team. With these three points, Inter Miami leaves bottom of Division A, dreaming of historic comeback. With eight dates left, it was placed with the same number but units of teams as DC United, the last team to make it to the playoff playoffs. Additionally, the team from Florida has two games pending.

“This group is growing and we’ve been saying that since the beginning. We were lucky enough to get one event (League Cup), get to the final (US Open Cup) and now we have to work towards our goal of being in the top eight in the league.. This is the way we continue to grow and obviously winning gives you a lot of confidence,” Lionel Messi stressed on the pitch. “I feel good physically and thank God I can continue playing, Collaborate and help the team in any way I can. I hope we can continue to maintain this energy. “He admitted.

La Pulga is now preparing to embark on a trip to Argentina to make his debut in the South American qualifiers. Lionel Scaloni’s side face Ecuador this Thursday at the Estadio Monument before traveling to La Paz to visit Bolivia for the first two continental matches before the 2026 World Cup.

Of course, before this, Messi was favored by a large number of fans at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, which can accommodate 30,000 people. “The people have been so impressive again. I’m so grateful for everyone’s continued love. This was my first time experiencing this as a tourist, so I was very grateful. ” said the Argentina captain.

Inter Miami vs Los Angeles FC – Match Summary

These are the words of another Inter Miami great, Facundo Farias.

“I had a really good time and I felt comfortable in the position I occupied (as Messi’s second striker). At the time of the goal I thought the defender was coming and I jumped, Fortunately my first goal was possible. I hope a lot of people keep coming.”

“As we all know we have to take references from their two very strong defenders, Chiellini and Long, that’s why Tata (Martino) decided to let me and Leo (Messi) take some from them ref. Fortunately, today it happened and I was able to find space and compete and that’s how the goal came. “I’m happy and thank God. “

“There was chatter in the locker room that we saw this as more than just an important challenge and not trying to qualify for the playoffs at all, but something more personal. We knew the last championship was in front of us, at home for them. Tough opponent. Thank God we were able to make it and show that we’re ready to make the playoffs, compete anywhere and win anywhere.”

“The goal is the next game. Step by step, we have the finals, but we want to get to the playoffs and we want to win everything that comes next. We plan to win, win. That’s it.”

Facundo Farias speaks after scoring his first goal for Inter Miami

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