Lionel Messi’s shocking eyewitness performance

For fans, watching Messi play has become an object of worship. At the end of his career, the public wanted to enjoy his live performances.

It has become a cult see Lionel Messi (36 years old) became the protagonist of world football. Over time, the unique spectacle presented by the man from Rosario will increase his attention until he retires from professional activities. This superb performance of skill and emotion was once again in full display at the Monument last Thursday night. Like a rock star, Leo is performing his final magic show with the ball, at least wearing the Argentina national team jersey, he has won the glory of the world championship and has entered the list of the best players. . Against Ecuador, in the 1-0 knockout victory, the Monument was a big party, the performer of which was once again the little boy wearing the number ten shirt, including a wonderful goal. The carton is full and the saga continues.

like watching a recital rolling stonesToday, watching a Messi match at this stage of his career is part of an event that will go down in football history. Messi is already a legend and there is added value in watching him play in the final stages of his career. Therefore, his presence awakens enthusiasm in the team, which plays throughout the game, just like the Inter Miami team he is currently playing for. Everything that happens when the ball gets close to Leo will sparkle and that will create huge expectations for the fans. What’s more, they don’t want to leave this world without having the chance to witness it live at least once.

Argentina have secured their third star while Messi makes his senior World Cup debut in Qatar. It can be said that both collective and individual goals were achieved. So the sympathizers have now begun another phase. There is no urgency for results. This is enjoyment. It’s about seeing one of the best players of all time and not making hateful comparisons to great players. pele or diego maradona. When Leo is present, going to the stadium is like a party, with thousands of people knowing they will forever be rewarded with the Rosario Star. Ten people wiped the lamp in front of Ecuador again, and the beating hearts in the stands of the monument were filled with joy.

It was the 77th minute of a very clinical, frictionless game. Argentina couldn’t seem to find a way back to the physical procedures proposed by Ecuador. Then came the climax. Choose a free kick at the door of the penalty area. Messi passed the ball logically. He distanced himself and braced himself. During that time, thousands of cellphones turned on their cameras because they sensed something important might be happening.

In front of the crowd’s flashes and expectant eyes, Messi did it again. Are they gone?

Leo’s left-footed shot denied goalkeeper Hernán Galíndez, unleashing madness and excitement on the Monumental Stadium. Therefore, everyone present can thank God for being part of this extraordinary moment, for taking part in another great goal in ten games, for taking part in a new chapter of his legend and, apparently, the beginning of the logic of his gradual farewell to the Argentina national team. . age.

Then the game ends, replaced by muscle fatigue and heart-pounding applause. More than 80,000 people stood before the captain’s raised arms, beating their hands.

It must be said that the player who made his debut in the South American qualifiers against Ecuador is now unavailable for Tuesday’s match against Bolivia in La Paz, the second match of the World Cup qualifiers, due to muscle fatigue. 2026 from the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Although it has not yet been officially confirmed by the Argentine Football Federation, the man from Rosario is likely to be part of the delegation that travels to Bolivia on Sunday, with the aim of acclimating to the capital’s altitude of more than 3,600 meters. that country.

Aside from Messi and his charisma, Argentina are a united team with reliable weapons to take on Bolivia, even at altitude.

As for Messi, in every game he plays, people will fully enjoy it and know that the countdown to his professional retirement has begun, and in fact he still has a lot to contribute to the national team. As his career approaches, his charisma continues to grow and will become even more prominent. Everyone wants to say they saw him play, they enjoyed his play, they witnessed his wonderful legacy.

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