Lioness, war is (also) the lot of women. Overview of Paramount+

There’s something instantly recognizable about the style Taylor Sheridansuccessful series creator yellowstone and derivatives Mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa King and now about the new Special Operation: Lioness. For many, this is just an attack on conservatism, an almost anachronistic way of making films and television that invariably winks at America’s bleakest and purest. However, on closer inspection, there are always many more of its products, and the new series also confirms this.

Special Operation: Lioness focused on CIA military program that actually exists, consisting of women trained to infiltrate hostile environments and achieve targets (terrorists, warlords, etc.) using connections with female figures present in their families. Lead a team on a show Joe, played by Zoe Saldanawhile a new recruit joining the program Cruz (Laisla De Oliveira)a woman with a difficult past of abuse and oppression who seeks in the Marines and in the war an opportunity to prove herself strong and take control of her life.

Joe and Cruz are almost archetypes of female models in terms of cinema and seriality. old school by Taylor Sheridan: they don’t share the wild sensibility, but the look of the characters is the same as Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone. Strong women, at times, perhaps, even too “mache”. for the current idea of ​​female empowerment that one would like to give to the entire project, but certainly light years away from any idea of ​​a girl to be saved.

Taylor Sheridan can be argued that in order to be strong, her female characters do not have to embody toxic aspects of masculinity, such as extreme propensity for violence, difficulty expressing one’s feelings and other aspects, but we are still far from the label of the conservative advocate that many are trying to label him. Sheridan is really interested in exploring some of the most brutal and masculine genres in film history (westerns, wars and spies) in a modern way, but he always does so without hiding the shadows that this system brings with it. .

yellowstone for example, this is only a seeming story about an old cowboy who puts private property and the right to shoot anyone who questions it above all else, as does Special Operation: Lioness this is not the pure spirit of war and the United States is often blamed for Guantanamo’s tactics. They really show psychological and emotional reactionsresulting difficulties in maintaining as healthy and normal a private and family life as possible, as well as some obvious distortions. The way he does it, often using the direction of subtraction John Hillcoat (Road), however, is in every way the product of his artistic vision: strong characters, marked by life, thrown into a hostile world.

He does not always do it well (after a beautiful 1883, the other prequel with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren instead was half a mess), but always gives a sense of complete control over the narrative material and, above all, the characters. In this case, Zoe Saldanha’s “feminine touch” also helps him in a role reminiscent of the role Jessica Chastain For Zero Dark Thirties Katherine Bigelowin addition, the actress is also a producer along with Nicole Kidmananother main character spy thrillers available on Paramount+.

As always, Sheridan also brings the idea of ​​creating stories and situations that are perfect for the small screen and for long-term exploitation. Special Operation: Lioness it may very well continue for a few more seasons or spawn other spin-offs, as it has done in all other cases. Creator and screenwriter always more leader of American televisiondespite the criticism that falls on him in time and to which he responds, showing the same temperament as his characters.

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