Lionsgate announces board game movie

Following the extraordinary success of Barbie, Lionsgate also decided to focus on projects based on famous toys and board games by signing an agreement with E-One.

After extraordinary success Barbie — currently in theaters — and a Warner Bros. announcement. With 45 upcoming toy-based projects, other production companies have also decided to follow the fruitful trend. Over the past few hours, there have been news aboutLionsgate purchase of Entertainment One film and television assets (eOne) from Hasbro. And judging by what it says diversitythe first project born out of the agreement will be expected feature film based on Monopolyfamous board game.

Lionsgate is making a Monopoly movie

The deal, which is worth about $500 million, is due to officially close by the end of the year, but Lionsgate has already announced plans to make a movie about Monopoly. According to a report shared diversitythe sale will also include library of over 6500 titlesalong with active production for non-Hasbro franchises such as yellow jackets, Newbie AND Naked and scared. To comment on the news, Hasbro CEOChris Cooks, who assured that the company will continue to produce and develop entertainment products based on its brands:

The sale is fully in line with our strategy. Entertainment will remain a top priority for the company as it continues to strive to bring original ideas to life and power all areas of the Hasbro world.

However, this is not the first time in Hollywood that there has been talk of a project based on Monopoly. In 2019, Kevin Hart was announced as the protagonist of a likely feature film, and a Ridley Scott adaptation was speculated in 2009. However, Lionsgate will start from scratch, creating a completely original product, Neither the actors nor the director have been named yet.. At the moment, any new toys or board games that the studios will bring to the big screen have also not been reported. Warner Bros.., however, is already working on a new cinematic universe, which will include projects on Polly Pocket – directed and written by Lena Dunham, starring Lily Collins -, One, Hot Wheels – JJ Abrams is also on the production team – and even barney – The purple dinosaur is also starring in a children’s show created by Daniel Kaluuya for an adult audience only. So all that’s left is to wait updates.

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