List aplikasi edit video is Suitable For beginners


Was looking for app to edit video? Here is a list of applications that edit video is easy-to-use make it suitable for beginners, both for PC and for Android.

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App edit video for Android

There are many editing app, which can be used smartphone Android and how to use it also tends to be more simple when compared with the aplikasi edit video on a PC.

Here are some aplikasi video edit recommended Android for you to use.

#1 KineMaster

KineMaster is the application of video editing that is widely used by Android users, because it has a lot of interesting features.

One of these functions is chroma key can be used to edit the video green sceen and, in General, widely used to make the video gaming.

KineMaster could also be used for free, although some premium features that users need to pay.

For a free service Watermark can not be eliminated, but if you eliminate the premium service you can then to.

An edit video of KineMaster Corporation has a size of 74MB and use it at least with Android in version 4.1.

#2 Filmora Go

Some people may already be familiar with the application Filmora was often used on the PC. Well… now, Wondershare is also develop editing app for Android named Go to Filmora.

Filmora Go allows users to edit video in a variety of Aspect video, and can be used to some basic commands such as me-rendering and cut.

List aplikasi edit video 01 is Suitable For beginners

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Filmora Go, and also has a size that is quite small, which was only 35 MB.

There are also some interesting features that can be used free of charge, as menamahkan music, transitions, and functions slow-motion. However, all of the cool features that are present on the Filmora you a premium to buy-a-service, aka paid for it.

#3 Of Adobe Premiere Clip

The next application of the kam Developer leading by Adobe, which brings the application to version mobile with similar features as on the PC or laptop.

This app has a size of 59MB and can be used on Android version 4.4 and higher.

Edit, by the use of the app, you can already do Edit the basis of such a transition, set up, lighting, and the effect of slow motion.

This app can also be synced with Adobe Premiere Pro.

App edit Video for PC/Laptop

In addition to the aplikasi app recommendations that you can use on your PC or laptop to edit Videos for Android here.

#1 Corel Video Studio X7

Corel Video Studio X7 is an edit, this is from the developer Corel, with a capacity enough light, but with the features that are not less cool with other applications.

This is what Corel Video Studio X7 makes it suited to an edi video for beginners.

List aplikasi edit video 03 is Suitable For beginners

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To use this app, at least on the devices they use meet the standard specifications specified, namely Processor at least Inte Core Duo 1.83 GHz or ADM Dual-Core 2.0 GHz.

The RAM of the device at least 2 GB of memory and 3 GB.

#2 Sony Vegas Pro

Again, this application of the Developer renowned, namely, Sony Vegas Pro, that is certainly developed by Sony.

The special feature of this app is how it will look, as well as functions of the same class as an edit, professional video.

But anyway, Sony Vegas Pro provides you with the simple in operating, so it will be very easy for those who are still a beginner in terms of video editing.

List aplikasi edit video 04 is Suitable For beginners

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But not only for beginners, this app can be used for all situations in life, including professional.

A edit use this video in a PC or laptop that you use at least OS Windows 7, with processeor @2.5 GHz quad-core processor. The capacity of this application is 1.5 GB.

#3 of the AVS Video Editor

App edit video for PC and laptop this you can download for free You know… of course, the features that are in it are also quite complete, although it is not to be paid.

It makes it suitable for beginners zoom that is easy to understand, so that it is easier for the process of editing the Videos.

App size File this small is also a technology known as video cachewhat makes the process of editing the Videos in fullHD can run quickly and smoothly.

But who is already a professional, this app does not seem to recommend.

For those who are still beginners, you will be more comfort when editing the video, because the app offers the possibility of timeline.

More cool again, this application can be used for a variety of types of PC with lower specifications.

Create Your Video More Interesting

The applications that are mentioned above, you can become to create your video more interesting.

Well… if according to them, the app video editing especially suitable for use by beginners? Leave your answer in the comments field.

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