Listen to “Bad Idea Right?”, Olivia Rodrigo’s new single.

Singer-songwriter Petra Collins’ friends Madison Hu, Tate McRae, and Iris Apatow appear in the video.

Is it okay to date your ex? Olivia Rodrigo addresses this theme in her latest single.

Haven’t heard from you for a couple of months / But now I’m away and I’m all in my asssings Olivia, who co-wrote the track with her producer Daniel Nigro. And then he playfully paints the scene on a piece of drum:I only see him as a friend / I just tripped and fell into his bed!“.

In the video, again filmed by Petra Collins, the singer-songwriter at a house party discusses meeting her ex. Photos of Rodrigo show his friends Collins, Madison Hu, Tate McRae and Iris Apatow before heading to their old love’s apartment. The journey includes riding in the back of a truck, jumping on a public bus, and finally falling into bed with him.

Bad idea, right? it all started with jokes about me dating my ex-boyfriend, but then we realized that we had achieved something,” Rodrigo said in a statement. “We experimented with the weirdest things: in one of the choruses, it seems that some kind of instrument is in the background, but in fact it’s me screaming louder and louder.”

Bad idea, right? this is the last single from guts (released September 8), Rodrigo’s second album after Sourand comes later A vampire inspired Twilight, the first single he released earlier this summer. According to the track listing he released on August 1st, Bad idea, right? this is the second song on the record, between All American Bitch AND A vampire.

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