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Litecoin is approaching 162.00 USD, the price of the polkadot and the solana also recover against the dollar

Litecoin is approaching 162.00 USD, the price of the polkadot and the solana also recovers against the dollar

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Is it a good time to invest in such cryptocurrencies as litecoin, polkadot or solana?

The most popular cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin or ethereum, are gaining traction. Some analysts are forecasting some really impressive gains before the end of the year. What is the status of litecoin, polkadot or solana?

How much will we pay for the litecoin?

The LTCUSD pair reached its lowest value yesterday at the beginning of the day, trading at $ 145.56. Despite this, throughout the day it gradually gained strength and at its highest point it touched the level of $ 161.89. Today, litecoin is holding the ground back against the dollar and has hit the current high very close to Wednesday’s high of $ 162.08. The lowest value reached so far is $ 158.44. At this time, we will pay 159.45 USD for one litecoin.


The value of the DOTUSD pair

The polkadot also gained traction yesterday and spent the day heading higher. At around 6:00 p.m. it managed to stabilize in the zone of 31.5000 USD and at its highest point it was trading at 31.9217 USD. Today, this cryptocurrency has managed to climb even higher, to the level of $ 32.5871. The lowest value touched today so far is $ 30.8039. Thus, the polkadot remains well above yesterday’s low of $ 25.9600. Now, we will pay 31.5706 USD for this cryptocurrency.


The price of the solana against the US dollar

The SOLUSD pair follows the same path as the previous pairs. The cryptocurrency has rallied against the dollar and is moving in the range of 144.0000 – 152.0000 USD. The highest peak is at $ 151.3250, very close to yesterday’s highest of $ 151.1925. As for the low, the lowest level touched so far today is at $ 144.8150, a far cry from the previous day’s low of $ 122.2000. Currently, the solana is trading at $ 148.0650.


Currency pairs


Exchange rate


Litecoin exchange rate against the dollar


159.45 USD

23.09.21, 7:46

Polkadot exchange rate against the dollar


$ 31,5706

20.09.21, 7:46

Solana exchange rate against the euro


148.0650 USD

20.09.21, 7:46

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