Little black dress: all the stars who love it

That it’s tight, like the one worn by the iconic Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’sor capable of falling much softer on the figure, what is certain is that the little black dress over time it has gained the reputation of a true garment evergreen. That dress as simple as it is effective, which can never be missing. Even celebrities are well aware of this who, in addition to wearing it on public occasions in television lounges, have made it a distinctive sign of absolute elegance even on the red carpet. All about the little black dress, between history, combinations and best looks of the stars.

little black dress

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What is meant by little black dress

An outfit that certainly needs no introduction, given how much it is loved and replicated as an outfit valid for the day and for the evening, but also looks for more special occasions. We are talking about the little black dressa dress generally characterized by a short or midi cut and without sleeves, often quite snug in the bodice and waist, which is positioned well within the so-called category of cocktail dresses or from evening.

Still widespread today, capable of reliving next to every style given its simplicity, the little black dress can actually boast, like few other dresses, a long and exciting history, which began in 1926 at the hands of the iconic French designer Coco Chanel. It was she who created that Petite robe noire, a little black dress that could be elegant and refined, but at the same time extremely practical to dress and match, suitable for any type of event and occasion. Needless to say, her popularity grew dramatically over the years, by word of mouth but, above all, after the British film diva, Audrey Hepburnwore it in the famous film Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), by Blake Edwards. Therefore, the data of a recent research by the English tabloid is not surprising Daily Mail according to which 75% of the women interviewed declare that the sheath dress, especially if black, is the most important item of clothing in history, even finishing ahead of denim trousers and the Wonderbra bra.

little black dress

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Little black dress: the most beautiful celebrity looks

Despite preparing to make a century of history, in 2026, the little black dress it is certainly not preparing to give up, or at least reduce, its great popularity. Almost present in the wardrobe of every girl and woman, it is a very simple dress that goes well with any item of clothing or accessory, often acting as a valid “lifesaver” when, in front of the wardrobe for hours, one is undecided about what to wear. Symbol of timeless elegance, it is also loved by stars, as a manifesto of the so-called effective and no-frills look.

The little black dress on the red carpet

Kendall Jenner he never gives up on his little black dress. It is not uncommon to meet the very young model and American television personality on the red carpet of the most interesting gala events, wearing all the beauty and elegance of a little black dress, often made particular by cuts and unusual applications. This is the case with the beautiful little black dress worn in 2018 on the occasion of theOscars After Party. A mini model, with a wide neckline, enlivened by the very soft puff sleeves. The combination is simple, with the celeb choosing hair and makeup natural, black décolleté and the sparkle of wide earrings. However, the little black dress, always worn by Kendall Jenner on the occasion of the Revolve Awards of the same vintage. A strapless midi dress with a straight neckline embellished with feathers.

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The little black dress? Over time, he has become the favorite garment of one of the most talked about celebs of the moment: the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Among his own little black dress more beautiful and particular, a cocktail dress certainly deserves attention, capable of enveloping the figure in its midi length, but also enhancing the face, by means of an unprecedented asymmetrical neckline.

That little black dress Of Selena Gomez that makes us dream. In the list of the best little black dresses worn by international stars, between red carpets and television appearances, the beautiful dress by Selena Gomez for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The length is midi again and the dress is completely unadorned. However, the perfect combination represented by the long sleeves and a generous sweetheart neckline that illuminates the face of the actress and singer is striking.

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Natalie Portmana true diva a Venice 75 with his little black dress. We have to rewind the tape of the best red carpet looks until 2018, to discover all the elegance of Natalie Portman’s little black dress at the photocall of Vox Lux for the Venice Film Festival. Particularly fitted at the waist, but with a mini skirt capable of opening up at the end, the little black dress of the Israeli actress, a naturalized American, is truly extremely refined. She has no sleeves, but her shoulders are still covered by a black cape, an integral part of the same dress, clearly inspired by vintage.

She’s the supermodel Hailey Bieber to suggest the perfect inspo look to wear simple and rigorous little black dresseven in everyday life. Chosen by the star in a mini model and without straps or sleeves, with a straight neckline, the little black dress it is the ideal dress to combine with a blazer oversizedstiletto heels and clutch bag or shoulder bag.

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