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Ragusa pride is upon us!

Distinction, exclusivity, beauty is the claim of Ragusa Pride 2023.

After the success of the first Ragusa Pride in 2022, Agedo Ragusa, Arcige Ragusa, Catastol Prospetive, UAR Ragusa are working for Ragusa Pride 2023, which will be held on 29 and 30 June in Ragusa and on 1 July in Marina di Ragusa . with the parade.

Preparations and multiple appointments have been underway for months around the province to promote Pride and create a safe network in the region, made up of people and places that welcome all diversity and uniqueness and do not discriminate.

“Ragusa Pride testimonials have already been announced: i papa likes, a rainbow family who are all the rage on the web for their blog, in which they talk about their parents’ daily lives by answering prejudices with charming irony. Tales of days full of happiness and smiles, dark circles and sleepless nights, as happens in any new family, are rarely told, with the perspective of the male parent and pre-packaged rules and conventions happens outside. He will be with us during Ragusa Pride.

Pride is an event in which everyone is involved.

Attending or sponsoring such an event is not an exemption. We don’t take anything lightly.

For this reason we would like to thank those who have given their support and patronage to Ragusa Pride 2023.

We thank the Libero Municipal Consortium of Ragusa, the municipalities of Ragusa, Sisli, Giaratana, Vittoria, Comiso, Monterosso Alamo, Chiaramonte Gulfi, for recognizing the cultural value of the proposed initiatives.

In addition, protection was provided by the OPI – Nursing Profession Order of Ragusa.

CGIL Ragusa is a partner of Ragusa Pride 2023.

We also thank the many associations, organizations, parties who have participated in the Ragusa Pride Parade to date.

The three day program is very rich.

Thursday 29 and Friday 30 June At the Centro Commerciale Cultural, Via Matteotti 61 in Ragusa, we will propose two thematic meetings with a common thread: “What is needed? Looks visionary in the real world.

By creating space for discussion, testimony, and listening once again, we will give voice to those who can tell the pieces of an unusual life, but who can also become those who can testify that someone believes in different “principles.” can and respectfully co-exist, for those who can reflect on the value of words, memory and knowledge, which can bring truth about processes and pathways of denial, censorship and manipulation by governance, social rules, prejudices .

June 30 – From 11 pm – We will be in the Giovanni Paolo II park in Ragusa (Villa Margherita), at BAM. team Based on good music.

Saturday 1 July we will be in marina di ragusa the parade: Departure at 18.30 from Via Portovenere in the park with the Rainbow Bench.

Detailed Program:

29 June – 8 pm to 10 pm – Cultural Shopping Center – via Matteotti 61, Ragusa

What is needed? Visionary looks into the real world.

Visual Art by Giampiero Carta

  • Notes of Truth. Lives beyond music.

With Master Alessio Cappello. Edited by Valeria Vicari (Cutstole Perspectives)

  • Secularism, Faith, Self-Determination: Possible Compatibility?

With Thessie Müller – Pastor of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Sicily, Luana Gravina – LGBT Christian, Najla Hassan Intercultural Mediator. by Massimo Maiorana (UAAR Ragusa)

June 30 – from 8 to 10 pm Cultural Shopping Center – via Matteotti 61, Ragusa

What is needed? Visionary looks into the real world.

Visual Art by Giampiero Carta

With Christian De Florio and Carlo Tumino: “Dad by Choice”. by Andrea Ragusa (Archige Ragusa)

Screening of the short film: “Ask Me If”, by Margherita Fiango Pardi

With Graziella Priulla, sociologist of communication and culture. Edited by Elvira Adamo (Agedo Ragusa)

30 June – from 11 pm BAM – John Paul II Park, Ragusa

pride party – Dj Set Terra Matta

July 1 – 5.30 pm – Marina di Ragusa

  • 5.30 pm via Portovenere – Rainbow Bench: Gathering, Music & Entertainment
  • 18.30 parade departure Andrea Doria on the Coast
  • arrival at 20.30 minar chowk – Platform interventions to greet institutions, LGBTQIA+ community assertions, and deepen political and intersectional issues
  • 9.30 pm- live music Bad Romance with Lady Gaga Tribute Band
  • 10.30 pm- dj set matthias terranova

All are free to enter the Ragusa Pride initiative.

LIS translation is provided for all initiatives and accessibility is guaranteed even for wheelchairs.

In order not to miss the next events, follow the Ragusa Pride Facebook and Instagram social channels!

Ragusa Pride

publicity committee

Agedo Ragusa, Arcige Ragusa, Catastole Perspectives, UAAR Ragusa

(email protected)

Ragusa, 20 June 2023

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