Little Women, Saoirse Ronan ‘forced’ Greta Gerwig to choose her for the role of Jo


The team-up between Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan had already given excellent results on the occasion of Lady Bird, which earned the director the applause of a large part of the critics and the public: why, therefore, hesitate in trying to repeat the winning formula when came to put on the cast of Little Women?

For the film released in 2019, in fact, Greta Gerwig was not so sure of wanting to re-engage Saoirse Ronanprobably to avoid being repetitive after the aforementioned success with Lady Bird: the actress, however, did not seem exactly of the same opinion, and wasted no time in clarifying things.

Without too many words, in fact, Ronan went to Gerwig telling her that she would be the one to play Jo in Little Women: an invasion of the field that the director had to take a bit by surprise, but she soon realized how much such a strong stance was an act perfectly in line with the style of the protagonist of the novel.

A short time later, therefore, our Saoirse received an email simply written: “Yes, it’s you Jo“. What do you think? Right choice? Tell us yours in the comments! To find out more, however, here we leave you our review of Little Women.

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