Live concerts: the desire for summer shows is back

The desire for live concerts is back. Everywhere. In Italy, tickets for Coldplay and Nuclear Tactical Penguins are sold out. Beyoncé even caused inflation to rise in Sweden. Is this a golden moment for music?

hourArry Styles (also) made train tickets skyrocket on the last world leg of his “Love on Tour” in Reggio Emilia last week. The number of travelers arriving at this destination has increased by 880 percent. at least according to the Trainline platform.

Triumph if we think it’s for the concert Blur, on the same day, at the summer festival in Lucca, there was an increase in amateur passengers “only” 122 percent more

However, nothing compared to Beyoncé’s record in Sweden: launch of the Renaissance World Tour 2023, at the beginning of the summer, this would even cause inflation in the country to rise by 0.2 percent, which has so far remained below 10 percent.

Beyoncé Renaissance live shows spark inflation in Sweden

two concerts in Stockholm gathered so many fans (100k) raise all Swedish economic relations between hotels, restaurants and transport

A phenomenon never seen before, as he explained wall Street Journal, Michael Grahn, Chief Economist for Sweden at Danske Bank

Now they are openly talking about the “Beyoncé effect” or “beyflation”.

Thus, when we talk about “swiftflation” in the US in relation to Taylor Swift (which will be in Italy in the summer of 2024, thirteen years after the last appearance at the Assago forum in Milan with Emma as a fan).

Boom in live concert attendance

In fact, the truth is that this scorching summer, something has changed compared to the last: the desire for live performances returned violently. From Rome to London.

Just think that for the last performance Elton John at Glastonbury, the UK’s most famous festivalover 150,000 fans came to spend over £340 (€395) to attend the event.

This is evidenced by a detailed investigation published by the Reuters news agency. Post-pandemic “wow effect,” European industry analysts comment, after years of austerity.

Sociality rediscovered

Concerts (also) as a rediscovered sociality, therefore?

“Between May and July, tickets for great live performances were sold out for almost all tickets,” comments Andrea Laffranci, music critic Corriere della Sera.

“We were at six Coldplay shows in Milan and Naples. dizzying queues for tickets, Vasco Rossi alone gathered 450,000 people in eleven concerts.

Thus, nuclear tactical penguins have become a real phenomenon in the summer of 2023.: The stadium tour kicked off with a triple sold-out crowd, with a total of over 500,000 spectators (they will be in Messina tomorrow, July 30, ed.)

Also good Mengoni, who ended the tour in Rome on 15 July.o (starts again October 18 in Barcelona, ​​ed.). Such a record number was not even before 2019. Marracash’s Marrageddon is now one of the most anticipated live shows with two shows in Milan (September 23) and Naples (September 30).

As for communication, I sometimes get the impression that the desire to take a selfie under the stage is more than a real passion.

I guess it’s a sign of the times, but if all artists liked Bob Dylan, whose cell phones were sealed at the beginning of July at the Arcimboldi Hotel in Milan, what will happen? It would be interesting to understand this as a phenomenology,” notes Laffranki.

Pass-through audience, millennials and boomers at live concerts

However, the organizers of the events rejoice. “Compared to three years ago, the number of impressions has increased significantly. Concerts are a unique and inimitable experience that people need more and more, we see it

We recorded an increase in turnover of about 30 percent since 2019.” ptorn apart by Antonella Lodi, CEO of Live Nation Italy, one of the giants in the world of organizing live performances

“However, I don’t think Beyoncé’s real effect in Italy is plausible.: in our sector, prices have risen mainly due to the huge increase in the cost of production and raw materials up to 30/35 percent”

Meanwhile, Assomusica gives out optimistic data, though not final. President Carlo Parodi goes so far as to suggest almost 50 percent more activity than in the past and therefore turnover

“The amazing aspect is the cross-cutting audience. There are already not only millennials, but also their parents, boomers. I think of the fans of Gianni Morandi who went very well. Those of the Poohs (tickets for three evenings at the Arena di Verona on September 29, 30 and October 1 are no longer available)

Or Bruce Springsteen, who ended his European tour four days ago in Monza.

Or, again, Depeche Mode with three shows in Rome, Milan and Bologna on July 16 (return to Italy in March 2024).

I believe that much of this success is also due to local festivals and big summer events that attract a wide variety of enthusiasts. It’s a bit like it’s already happening abroad.”

From north to south live concerts and festivals

In fact it’s all a swarm of live concerts and festivals all over Italy.

In Lecce, Parco Gondar 2023 offers Sfera Ebbasta, Daniele Silvestri, Fabri Fibra and Salmo from 31 July.

Villa Ada in Rome also features Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band on September 16th.

Rimini at Musica from 30 August to 2 September, Tiromancino as guest stars. while the Kaulonia Tarantella festival (in Reggio di Calabria) from 23 to 26 August includes, for example, Max Gazzé & Calabria Orchestra, Eugenio Bennato and Modena City Ramblers.

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How about Spain (famous for the Sonar Electronics Festival), Belgium (for Tomorrowland which runs until July 31st) or England with the very popular Reading Festival (August 25th to 27th)?

“Everything has become very chaotic, there is more space for everyone. In the past, this was often limited to sports halls or stadiums. Now there are locations like hippodromes or hippodromes

Or beaches like those chosen by Giovanotti at the famous Jova beach party.” adds Maurizio Salvadori, president of Trident, the agency that also organizes Imola Summer Sound.

Meanwhile, along with the concerts, there are also political provocations.

In mid-July, Placebos in Turin were reported for disrespecting institutions: they accused premier Georgia Meloni of being “fascist, Nazi and racist.” Then they called for more rights for non-binary people. Rock always scratches


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