“Live Photoshop”. Lesya Nikityuk showed an imperfect waist in a self-ironic video

Lesya Nikityuk showed her waist in a new video (Photo: Instagram)

Ukrainian TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk made fans laugh on Instagram with a new self-ironic video.

The 33-year-old star posted a video in which she showed off her imperfect waist, as well as a trick that helps her look perfect in the photo.

In the video, you can see how Nikityuk’s waist is instantly reduced thanks to the help of her makeup artist Olga Mishura.

“So, Olya, waist. Oh, yes, hold it like that, ”the TV star says in the video.

 In the comments, fans were delighted with the TV presenter’s life hack:

“How to stop watching it?”, “Live Photoshop”, “Class, took note”, “Fire as always!”, “Ahahaa Lesya is the best,” the followers write.