Live Report: Tenacious D + Steel Bean @Carroponte, Milan – 10/06/2023


Live Report: Tenacious D + Steel Bean @Carroponte, Milan – 10/06/2023

Tenacious D+ Steel Bean

@Carroponte, Milan – 10/06/2023

Here you can see photos of our concert.

strong d They return to Italy three years after their last concert and, showing the great love of their fans, the concert was sold out several days in advance.
No easy feat given Caroponte’s capacity in Milan for around 10,000 people (and the Champions League finalists who are playing Inter this evening), but the pair’s irrepressible camaraderie has never ceased to charm the masses. Where we also found a large number of international spectators had come by post for the concert.
If we consider that Jack Black probably introduced many people to rock and metal with his now classic films like “School of Rock” and “Tenious D and the Destiny of Rock”, it is not so strange that today All sold out in the evening.
On arrival we find a large queue outside the venue which however flows quickly allowing fans to enter without waiting too long (at least when we arrived). In Caroponte we are greeted by the usual stands already seen on other occasions with different offers of food and drink, to allow everyone to find something to their liking for dinner enough options for

He takes the stage at 20 o’clock, as scheduled steel beans, aka Jeremy DeBerdy, who encapsulates an entire band in one man who looks oddly like Ron Jeremy. Yes, because Steel Beans is a solo project in the most literal sense of the word as Debardi simultaneously sings, plays guitar, drums and sometimes keyboards by himself.
Certainly not an easy undertaking, especially if done well, and the Steel Beans immediately win over the public who impress them with the skill of the musician. The music is energetic rock that occasionally recalls Arctic Monkeys and heats up the atmosphere awaiting the headliner. Of course, such a proposal has a strong physical limitation, the musician cannot go on stage losing that aspect of participation in a show, but the show is special enough that it still commands everyone’s attention.

As Steele Beans exits the stage, he is greeted with a huge cheer from the audience, who certainly enjoyed the short performance.
The stage set up for Tenacious D is much more minimal than what we saw in 2020 in the Lorenzini district: at that time the concert was (literally) marked by animations projected onto structures mounted around the stage to ensure the meeting of the various media was prepared. more dramatic.

However this time Tenacious D presents itself with a more traditional stage, consisting only of a tarpaulin at the bottom, with the band’s name written in a font similar to what we can find in the Death Metal logo.
A roar welcomes the band who immediately launch into a double of the classics, Kickapoo and Low Hangin’ Fruit, which are animatedly sung by the entire audience. If before the start of the concert we might have thought that it was Jack Black’s fame that attracted an audience of curious people, it immediately becomes clear that this is not the case: everyone present is clearly a fan of the band. Whose songs they know inside out. In fact it would be a common theme of the evening with the audience singing the song word for word.
Black starts gasping after the second song and falls to the ground to catch his breath, surely part of the show, while a roadie takes his place to play Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy. During the chorus, however, the singer returns to his feet, snatches the microphone off the stand and begins jumping on stage singing.
It is a firm D concert, always a mix of well-crafted music with humorous lyrics, and theater with amusing banter between the musicians.
Certainly one of the most memorable moments is Tribute, the band’s famous song being sung by apparently every single person so loud that it is almost difficult to hear the sound coming out of the speakers, during which the stage is filled with a bloated Satan appears. Iron Maiden misses some sets.
An interesting change of pace is provided by Video Games, a recently released song that sees the group try their hand at the very entertaining County, while Jack Black pays homage to his passion for video games.
With The Metal we go back to heavy coasters and a man wearing a robot disguise appears on stage… What is this about? Metal, of course, and this incarnation of metal, Kyle Gass and Jack Black dance on stage paying homage to the genre loved by all in attendance. Another lovely scene sees Black playing a sax-a-boom, who is challenged by Gass, who takes to playing the famous Baker Street “Max-a-Boom” to thunderous applause from the audience , which is a larger version of the same tool.
The concert then continues amid gags and music with a very warm and enthusiastic audience on one side and a band excited and clearly satisfied with the response on the other. There is also a moment in the band’s performance where the guitarist, bassist and drummer are also given space, who play a solo, each enjoying their moment in the spotlight, and where the crew is thanked for their performance. Dhanush comes on stage to take the bow. Jack Black takes this opportunity to thank Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo DiCaprio, Enzo Ferrari, Robert De Niro, Francis Ford Coppola … and Rocco Siffredi.
After the usual mock end of the concert and a return for an encore, the band plays Master Exploder and the ballad Fuck Her Softly with which Jack Black, Kyle Gass and company take their leave from the cheering audience, not before bowing and throwing a few plectrums.
As expected selling out quickly, the concert was a thrilling success that left all fans with smiles on their lips at the end of the evening.

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