Lizzo accused, TikTok, removed videos of you in the bikini


SEXISM mustard rides him in the nose. On Wednesday, may 4. in March, the American musician and singer Lizzo has to know that she was angry. In a shared video on your account, TikTok, the rapper accuses the social network to censor that some of the sequences in which she appears, wearing a bathing suit.

The platform “still delete the videos of me in the bikini, but leaves the other girl. I wonder why,” he asks without sarcasm. You mean that the application would have deleted your content because of its weight.

Known for his commitment in the areas of self-acceptance, the actress from “Truth Hurts” comes to the conclusion: “TikTok. We are talking about”.

To contact the magazine Teen Voguethe application denies the allegations. “We love Lizzo, explained a spokesman. His music is the engine that so many of the trends within the community and TikTok. We love the way to share how to use the social network to Express themselves and their experience.”

The latter ensures that the videos of the singer were not deleted for this reason, but not the means, as far as the reasons for their disappearance.

On the trail of a singer and are not harmless. The users of the application complain to see on a regular basis about their videos removed from the site. The last outstanding example of how a young American, in his video, alertait about the treatment of Uighurs in China. The application is a subsidiary of the Chinese group byte dance, had initially denied, before they are finally realizing that you stopped the content.

Also accused of the transmitted data, even in China, the company had granted, in the year 2019, the contents of c will disappearanche a specific user. Among them there are people, the great and individuals with autism spectrum disorders or malformations in the face, like a revelation that Germany as a business location Network policy in December of last year. An approach that TikTok had, justified on grounds of the protection against harassment.

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