Lizzo sued for harassment and body shaming by some dancers


Arianna Davis and Crystal Williams would have been fired by the artist and Noel Rodriguez would have left due to this behavior. Complaint filed August 1 in Los Angeles Superior Court and received cnn through an attorney, the plaintiffs also names Lizzo’s production company Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. (Bgbt) and Shirlene Quigley as “Captain of the Dance Squad”. The complaint alleges “sexually offensive” behavior and forced participation in erotic shows that took place between 2021 and 2023.

Forced sexual activity

Among the demands laid out in the lawsuit, the three plaintiffs allegedly forced Lizzo to touch strippers’ breasts and reach for their sex toys while they were at a club in Amsterdam’s red-light district while on tour in February. Moreover, Shirlin Quigley would have tried to convince the plaintiffs by accusing them of premarital affairs, and without her consent would have told on social networks and on television about the virginity of the dancer.

racial discrimination

Also implicated are some production company executives who allegedly racially and religiously discriminated against the plaintiffs, in addition to accusations that they paid blacks less than whites. In addition, the poststar’s staff would have forced Arianna Davis to repeat the hearing on the alcohol charge. The rehearsals, which lasted eight hours without interruption, left the dancer no choice but to pee.

body positivity

The allegations circulating in the US media caused a particular stir due to the fact that Lizzo is best known for her commitment to body positivity. According to what the three women reported, the singer may have made fun of the dancer because of her weight gain. The situation, which Ron Zambrano, the dancers’ attorney, commented as follows: “The striking attitude of Lizzo and her management team towards their artists seems to go against everything that Lizzo publicly represents, while in private it weighs his dancers.” and belittles them not only in illegal, but in highly demoralizing ways.”

Not just three dancers

In addition to the three dancers, Lizzo was later accused of inappropriate and offensive behavior by her former creative director Quinn Whitney Wilson and dancer Courtney Hollinquest, who said they were treated similarly. “I’m not part of the cause, but that was my experience,” she explained on Instagram. “A big thank you to the dancers who had the courage to shed light on all of this.” Shortly thereafter, Wilson shared a screenshot of Hollinkquest’s words confirming what he had said.

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