Lizzo suspended from Super Bowl due to harassment allegations

lizzo won’t be the main character Super Bowl 2024. The music star was shortlisted to perform on the halftime show the following February in Las Vegas. However, now it is reported daily mail, his name was cleared. Cause? heavy allegations of harassment and body shaming brought against her by some of her former dancers.

Lizzo defies Tennessee law: drag queens take her on stage

Lizzo defies Tennessee law: drag queens take her on stage

Lizzo and allegations of body disgrace

The news spread around the world: a few days ago, the rapper was sued for creating a toxic work environment and belittling one of her colleagues for a few extra pounds. A real scandal for a star who has always positioned herself as a world champion. bodypositive. Some of her former dancers then blame her for hiring sexually offensive behavior and gender and religious discrimination.

No Super Bowls

Very heavy allegations that caused the Super Bowl organizers to decide to drop Lizzo’s name from the list of possible stars to be fielded during the halftime show. “Now that he’s faced with this scandal, the opportunity to perform or sing the anthem during the show is gone.”said a source in the NFL (National Football League). Daily mail. Meanwhile, other sources close to the star have confirmed that they are doing everything to save his reputation by proving the accusations false.

Lost thousands of subscribers

Meanwhile, too the star wanted to express her opinion on the allegations received, defining them in an Instagram post as “false”. “My work ethic, my morals and my respect were called into question. My character has been criticized. I usually prefer not to respond to false accusations. But they are incredible and too outrageous not to touch on,” he wrote on social media.

More: “I am devastated to hear these fabricated accusations against me. These sensational stories come from former employees who have already publicly admitted that their behavior during the tour was inappropriate and unprofessional.” The post, which, however, did not help to convince the followers: after the lawsuit, in fact, further 120,000 fans unfollowed her on social media. Saying goodbye to the Super Bowl is just another element of a decidedly bad period for Lizzo.


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