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The ‘Pibitos return to the stages of Buenos Aires, and they will do it with a peculiar excuse. Just as it happened recently with The Real Decadent at the Obras stadium, where they celebrated their 35th anniversary, the cult funk and rap band also decided to break with the tradition of round parties. So that this Monday at the Teatro Coliseo, at 9 p.m., will commemorate the decade and a half of its founding. “It was a kind of awareness,” he acknowledges. ABRE, lead singer of the group. “We never count the years, but in the pandemic we realized that 15 had passed since we created the group. And we said that the next recital we would do was going to be to celebrate that anniversary ”. In addition, the particularity of this show will be twofold because it is also his debut in a theater. “At least one important one, and this one is”, clarifies the artist.

-Before the Chinese city of Wuhan became infamous, you filled every place you played. Do you think this time it will be the same?

-As the band grew slowly, proportionally up, it was possible to maintain. I don’t think the type of audience that follows us has changed much. We hope to see you again on this date. Although it is true that today there is much more variety of artists to go see and listen to, compared to when we started. That opened the game.

Despite the fact that the pandemic conspired against their plans, the gang forged in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo in 2006 managed to emerge afloat. “It was a rough stop for us,” acknowledges ABRE, who is the brother of two other members of the group: the guitarist Rody Infinite Arbe and the percussionist Jean Luka Arbe. “A project like this goes through everything. They are 15 years old, we are people with their lives and projections. Personal interests often compete against collective ones. Although this time gave us a break to reorganize ourselves ”. Besides, during the hiatus, two of his musicians went to play with Nicki nicole, thus following in the footsteps of his former bassist. “Which confirms that Lo ‘Pibitos is a hotbed of musicians. This served to rethink where we are going and what we want. It was good, it was not negative. On the contrary ”.

-Is it true that they separated twice during the pandemic?

-Something like that happened. There were individual decisions that generated tensions, but the intentions and desires of each could be reunited. When the foam subsided, the path began to be seen. We continue in the campaign.

Although they are now preparing their new single, which will be titled “Penas” and is inspired by the Uruguayan murga, Lo ‘Pibitos approached the music of the River Plate during the quarantine. As evidenced by his single “Levántate y anda”, a funk that features the keyboards of Hugo Fattoruso and in which they rescue the voice of Facundo Cabral, through a passage taken from an audiobook. “It contains a very beautiful and positive message,” describes the vocalist. “My old man brought us closer to Cabral, in the same way as to Atahualpa Yupanqui. As they are artists that transcend generations, our mission is to try to transform culture by rescuing the values ​​of music from the past ”. Five months later, in October 2020, the band released another previously unreleased song, “Under the Rain,” based on Okinawan culture. “The lyrics talk about a very Buddhist concept that is samsara.”

-If we take into account that the next topic they published looks towards Africa, it seems that Lo ‘Pibitos are targeting multiculturalism …

-That theme, “In another dimension”, is a afropop. It is a genre developed by Nigerians and Africans going to England. The one who is in charge of contributing these ideas is my brother Jean Luka, who is also one of the producers of Lo ‘Pibitos. He is always in search of mixing cultures. In this case, he bought a beat from Shiba (an artist from Nigeria) a couple of years ago. And the contact remained. When the quarantine was relaxed, we got together and the subject came up. There we asked him if he wanted to do the featuring. Everything was thanks to the Internet and these modalities.

-If something continues to distinguish them, it is their fascination for groove.

-The urban Latin American market is taking everything, and is now enjoying its peak. It was always a challenge for us, especially considering that we are not African American. This cadence thing is worldwide.

-When talking about urban music in Argentina, Duki, Wos, Nicki Nicole or Bizarrap jump among the references. But you also make urban music.

-We started with this when hip hop was still alternative, and it hadn’t exploded here. It was more under. We came in with a band proposal, and it was weird. And over time it solidified. The culture of hip hop is managed by time and nuclei, and we are left half out. Nor is it that we come from freestyle battles, although we touch the genre and rap. But yes, we do urban music.

-Do you think artists like you or Climax Militants paved the way for groups like Banzai FC and Nafta?

-That reading is a source of pride for us. I never stopped to think that it was our doing. But when you do something and it arrives, it awakens the possibility to others. There were funk bands before. Lo ‘Pibitos we do funk, rap and rock because there were the Illya Kuryaki. And we also listen to them since we were kids. Rap in Spanish, and with a band, was rare before. Using funk and rap opened up possibilities.

-They are then the esalbón between the Kuryaki and the current generation of funk groups.

-We do take care of that. Emmanuel Horvilleur is going to be one of the guests in the Coliseum. And with him we have a connection. His father, Eduardo Martí, played with my dad. They were part of a seventies progressive rock band called peaceful. They put out an LP (La Bella Epoca, 1972) in the heyday of the seventies.

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