Located 5 suspects COVID-19 in the IMSS


Staff from epidemiology, health care, visited the clinic 50 and the clinic 1 IMSS.

San Luis Potosí, SLP.- We detected five patients suspected of covid-19 in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), confirmed Carlos Alberto Aguilar Acosta, holder of the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Coepris).

Last night, staff of epidemiology of health care, visited the clinic 50 and the clinic 1 IMSS.

In the General Hospital No. 50 of the IMSS, reported two deaths of suspects covid-19, one with a diagnosis of systemic arterial hypertension and the other with a diagnosis of inflammatory response syndrome of infectious origin with organ failure.

Among these cases is the pollster at the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), which died by pneumonia, and that up to the moment their results are still pending.

In the Hospital No. 1 of the IMSS, located in Nicolás Zapata, we found three patients suspected to covid-19, two with a diagnosis of acquired pneumonia, with influenza-like illness, more pelvic inflammatory disease. The three patients are alive.

In both the National Medical Center “La Raza”, do not send the results of these suspects, you may not know if they were also carriers of coronavirus.

Also, this Tuesday, a suspect of covid-19, was transferred to the General Hospital zone 1 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), to the General Hospital zone 50.

“The patient is in a study at this time, it is provided a capsule of negative pressure for the patient to have a safe transfer”, said Juan Jesús Martínez López, director of Health Care of Health Services.

The capsule was provided by the Health Services, as the IMSS does not have this type of procedures for transfers.

“The Mexican Institute of Social Security, lacking up to this point of these capsules and the Health Services have, therefore, to make and ensure that this transfer is safe, the loan was made of this team.”

We used the protocols for their safe transfer and decontamination of all such equipment and material, including the ambulance, which has the exclusive purpose of transporting patients suspected or confirmed with covid-19.

Transfers involving a notice of the drive where you found the patient, to the unit that will receive them, notifications are by telephone or through chat.

Here will be described in detail if the patient has a respiratory insufficiency, if the patient is intubated, whether the patient has any specific requirement for the unit to receive it, you can be ready and have the equipment, materials and personnel appropriate for the patient do not present with delays in their treatment and reduce risks.

Subsequent to this is an ambulance transfer land, in which there are all the biosecurity measures.

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