“Lock Amandine at home …”: Sylvie Tellier reacts to the controversy concerning Miss France 2021, and she is CASH!


Before, during, and now after, Sylvie Tellier will never end with the controversies around Miss France.

If she thought that everything would be better after the election of a new Miss France, and the arrival of a new year, Sylvie Tellier was ultimately wrong.

Each Miss France has its controversy during its year of reign, but for Amandine Petit, it will have been very fast since, from this Saturday, January 2 the young woman created the controversy on social networks. Indeed, while visiting a shopping center in Moselle to meet a few fans, the event turned out very quickly into an important gathering.

With the publication of several videos taken during her visit on social networks, Amandine Petit and the Miss France committee quickly found themselves at the heart of a controversy that does not seem to be easing. In the midst of a pandemic and curfew at 6 p.m. for some departments, it is therefore difficult for Internet users to understand the logic of this appearance in the presence of hundreds of people in an enclosed space. If Internet users did not waste a second to express their anger, some local elected officials have also expressed their indignation at the situation. Faced with such a scale, Sylvie Tellier decided to react to our colleagues from the Parisian. According to her, the criticisms against the new Miss France and the committee are not justified, “We only organize the election of Miss France and the return of the Miss at home, once she has been elected. We have deliberately postponed Amandine’s return to Normandy so as not to create an event which, in a health context, could create a grouping of people. Regarding the signing session on Saturday, we are not the organizers. We accepted the invitation of the Republican Lorrain. Managing the public is not our responsibility. My colleague who was there observed that all the security and social distancing measures were in place “.

However, Sylvie Tellier seems delighted with the popularity of the new beauty queen, ” Amandine is extremely popular, we saw her on Saturday.”  and does not intend to leave it aside, ” Once again, the Miss France organization will not organize events to bring together the public. On the other hand, locking Amandine at her home is no. We will do exactly as Clemence Botino did it last year. We participated in events, in local and regional elections, we responded to invitations for signing sessions, always in compliance with health standards “