Loki: McDonalds shares cryptic clip from Season 2

Second season Loki just got a cryptic message from McDonald’s in social networks. Clip of the new series of episodes Marvel show Silvia smiles at one of the restaurant’s checkout counters. But when the god of deceit Tom Hiddleston, things change a bit. Next, Loki’s variant asks if he’s going to order anything. Clearly, McDonald’s and Marvel Studios are excited about the partnership. The restaurant is using this initiative as a way to launch its new menu.

For longtime Marvel fans, this feels like the reunion they’ve been waiting for since the middle of Phase 4. Sylvie really impressed during the 1st season of the show. Disney+. His actions leading to the murder The one who stays they changed the course of the entire MCU. Now the Multiverse Saga has begun and everything is moving towards Avengers: Secret Wars. But before the inter-universe war breaks out, Loki and Sylvie will probably solve some of their problems in front of the Big Mac!! Check out the new clip below.

McDonald’s serves many pop culture figures on its “As Featured In” menu. For a couple of years now, the company has been publishing collaborations with the biggest names in music. Names like Bad Bunny, Travis Scott, BTS AND sovity they shared their orders like this. Here is what the company said about the upcoming collaboration.

“Our menus aren’t just for our real fans… Our favorite movie and TV characters have loved them for decades,” said Morgan Flatley, Director of Global Marketing and Head of New Business Projects at McDonald’s. “As Featured In Meal is our largest celebrity platter, celebrating some of the most memorable McDonald’s reviews in the entertainment world.”

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