Lola Indigo defends her body-shaming, points out importance of mental health

another day another day celebrity The attention on social media for her looks goes far beyond that. this time, Lola Indigo The singer was thrown into the spotlight online, but the singer didn’t ignore it and defended herself by responding in support. Mental Health and Self-Esteem.

Why is this still happening if we’re supposed to be in mid-2023? While Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter can be great collaborative platforms for finding current trends and inspiration, they are also public spaces where people feel they have the right to comment on each other’s bodies unfiltered.

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This was the case with the last Live of the Diskoteca translator, who became the target of public criticism without makeup or a wig. body shaming reviews. Swipe to see what the star had to say about it, putting self-love first.

Great lesson Lola Indigo just taught us

The 31-year-old singer had a forceful response to those who commented on her figure, especially her clean face and no hair extensions: “I look so beautiful without makeup. No hair either. what matters is the heart Because your head is small,” assured the interpreter, pointing to her forehead.

Apart from, Lola Indigo for those who like to command hatred On social networks: “It’s not good for someone who goes around talking (pointing to his head) on TikTok.” The Spaniard asks everyone to focus on and improve their own flaws before talking about others.

“Dedicate everyone to your life, look at yourself and be kind to others. All these things are very important,” said the Madrid native.

Number of times Lola Indigo responded to body shaming comments

However, this isn’t the singer’s first surprising defensive response. love for your body. In June last year, Lola was criticized for allegedly retouching her bikini photos, to which she responded: “To the trolls who said it was retouched with my legs and cellulite, a kiss and joy to all Summer of yours, you are amazing.”

In addition, Indigo also confessed to being a great defender of the female body in an interview with Women’s Health: “I’m an advocate for cellulite.” I have it, who doesn’t? My body is changing and so will the bodies of all the girls reading this. “

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The singer showed off her beauty from head to toe, inside and out.

Well done Lola!you are a role model to follow defend your self-love and self-esteem False “ideals of physics” that have been foisted on us for decades. Now, it’s our turn to be happy with our bodies and take care of them adequately, no matter what the outside world says.

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