Lonely Totti and Noemi in South Africa, Parietti in love, naked Mahmoud and Aurora Ramazzotti.

Weekend equals time hearing summer. Many VIPs left Bel Paese to enjoy holidays in distant lands (see Totti), others only left after a few months of marriage, and still others still liked to tease their followers with hot photos posted on social networks.

Noemi Bocchi and Totti in South Africa

Ferragosto and love escape for Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi. The couple flew to South Africa on a romantic trip without children, but many did not lose sight of the Ilari-related detail. Just a year ago, Blasi flew to Tanzania for safari which marked the final farewell to Totti. Today, Pupone and the new flame choose Africa to escape everyone and everything, and what do they do in the evening when the sun sets on the savannah? They play cards and drink well wine judging by the photos posted by Bocchi on her Instagram channel. At least they want their fans to believe it. They are happy.

Sam Asgari and Britney Spears social farewell

It was known that the marriage had come to an end, but just today, Sam Asgari broke his silence by posting a brief Note on Instagram and announce a divorce. Thus, while Britney Spears is silent (and talks about buying horses?!), the model entrusted her words about the breakup to social networks. “After 6 years of love and devotion to each other, my wife and I have decided to complete our journey together.” Sam wrote, succinctly adding: “Happens”. He then asked the media to be “kind and considerate” about each other, why askconfidentiality it looks funny“. There has never been such a press release before. Unique.

Alba Parietti is madly in love with Adami

The love story of Alba Parietti and coach Fabio Adami has been going on for some time now. The couple is inseparable, but, above all, the dancer never misses the opportunity to flaunt all her love for the handsome Fabio, who happened to meet on the train and never left. And so the photos of these two and the love messages that Alba dedicates to them are multiplying on social networks: “And we will never part”, “You are a prison without bars, from which I never want to leave”, “Everything is fine with you, even a day in the mountains in the rain”. And so on. So much so that even the fans have it. criticized:”At sixty she still wants to be thirty and always waves outpourings of love?? Stop!!!! She can’t take it anymore, even if she were the only one with a man.”. How funny these followers are.

Leisure nudes: Mahmoud and Aurora Ramazzotti

If they had called and agreed, they would not have succeeded, and instead Aurora Ramazzotti and Mahmoud ended up in the same conversation. Photo very similar to the same hours. Mood: naked. First it was the turn of Aurora Ramazzotti, who posted a naked photo of herself while taking a shower in the garden of her country house in Sardinia. Then it was the turn of the singer Mahmoud, who decided to set fire to the web by showing his b-side during a midnight dip in an unknown location. What don’t you do to be talked about.

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