“Long live natural beauty”

Can set a trend in terms of regrowth Hair, if you want to show off then yes Jennifer Aniston, One of the last featured the actress herself with a gray tuft in the foreground Video Published on Instagram And it was a real success. The clip, shot to sponsor a hair care product, went viral for its “nature” description. But let’s see what the unforgettable “Rachel” of Friends has up to this time.

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A few days ago Jennifer Aniston, 54, posted a short video on her Instagram profile with more than 42 million followers in which she shows herself in the foreground with a candid lock of gray hair. The promotional clip quickly overshadowed the product in favor of a look shown by the actress’ ex-wife. brad pitt,

natural success

Thousands of comments and likes for Jennifer, who just cleared the last taboo in the case of style hair: Re-growth. One comment read, “Your white hair is beautiful, it makes your eyes look beautiful.” “Thank you for paving the way for Grey,” reads another. “I love your display of natural beauty,” writes another follower.

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