Look at how Yanet Garcia moves his derrier in private classes it up and lower it without fear!


Looks like a body of dream while you enjoy seeing train to the popular former host of the weather, heart attack.

The famous Yanet García known as a former presenter for the weather channel Televisa, has ventured into fields like the modeling and his latest proposal has run amok to the network.

Influencer, model, actress and television presenter, and is self-described Yanet Garcia in its profile of Instagram, social network that has been shown to be very active, continuously publishes content related to their areas of profession.

The controversy of the last video uploaded by the model to his official account, is related with excessive use of its attributes to sell a mobile application of physical training.

The video lasts a few seconds, but are enough to see the presenter show her huge derrier in front of the camera, to finally promote the application called Fitplan.

The reason why Yanet Garcia promotes the application, it is because she has a series of videos training that you need to cancel a subscription to the application to be able to enjoy it, definitely a sweet deal as your derrier.