Look at the sexy photos of the sports journalist Juan Ignacio Riquelme


He is as passionate as he is handsome

The sports journalist, Juan Ignacio Riquelme, better known as Juan, has everyone in love every time he appears on the screen of channel 26 in Argentina, commenting or interviewing on the show ‘Mix 26’ that he co-hosts.

The blue-eyed boy, who actually received his Bachelor of Business Administration, with only 27 years interviewed great personalities sports world as Hristo Stoichko, Ivan Zamorano, Marc Crosas, Agustin Pichot, Gio Simeone, and Marco Fabián, among others.

But the truth is that, beyond his charisma, passion and knowledge in sports, many only tune in from Monday to Friday to take an eyeball, why? Here we show you why.

Juan Ignacio Riquelme. Photo: Juan Ignacio Riquelme
Juan Ignacio Riquelme
Juan Ignacio Riquelme. Photo: Juan Ignacio Riquelme