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KOMPAS.com – David Beckham is still full of charm, although it is still a long time left in the green box.

For six years, the former England national team is hard at work, forming a team of Major League Soccer in Miami, USA.

After the endless arguments on the top of the stadium and investment, Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami or Inter-Miami – after all, their first two games this month.

Unfortunately, they lost in the second game.

The misfortune more. Before the first home game in Miami this weekend, the League closed for a month by an outbreak of the corona virus.

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However, despite that, Beckham remains fascinating. In addition, the knife with the appearance of the new time on his wrist.

To see a man at the age of 44 years was to arise, by the hour hand rare Tudor Pelagos, decorate his wrists, the (already) full of tattoos.

In the series of diver watches, modern, Pelagos is one of the most prestigious.

This watch is the title of the category won Best Sports Watch at the GPHG-Awards 2015.

With a diameter of 42mm, the watch is a light weight thanks to a shell made of titanium, bezel in ceramic, and a clothespin has automatic adjustment.

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In addition, of course, this watch is claimed to last up to a depth of 500 meters.

However, on top of all that, it is, that makes the Pelagos Beckham is very different.

Yes, on Dial in the position of number six, are a symbol for Inter Miami. This is a product, the “super rare”.

The fact is, Tudor have made some efforts to be recently co-branding with a number of parties.

.Vintage Rolex Forum .

For example, Tudor Black Bay (picture above), in particular, paying only as much as 75 piece is printed in limited quantities.

This watch was commissioned for the London Metropolitan Police and a protection unit-specialists-a team of officials in order, guarding VIPS from royals and politicians.

Tudor special editions Qatar Watch ClubABOUT monochrome-watches.com Tudor special editions Qatar Watch Club

Then there is also (in the above example) is a special edition of “Qatar-at the Club”, a community of fans of the watch, based on the state of the super-rich.

Maybe, by the way, Qatar signed a sponsorship deal with Inter Miami in the last month.

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Meanwhile, Tudor, the 100 Black Bay Commandement des Opérations Spéciales Organizations, coordinate the use of the French special forces.

Cooperation segmentatif this kind of is actually not a new thing.

.ABOUT onlineonly.christies.com .

Rolex, for example, works with a number of companies in the era of the 1960s and 70s, watches with the logo of your company printed on it Dial.

Mold-logo Domino’s Pizza is a good example for the cooperation with Rolex.

However, since the 1980s, Rolex started to move away from the activities of such cooperation.

It looks like the Rolex question of whether the binding of the cooperation in the field of Art really fits with the title luxury brand performed.

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But now it looks like the “sister” Rolex quietly exploring the region.

Like it or not, the scarcity, the value of such cooperation, it is practically sure that the hour hand will be a collection in the future.

This is not so?