Looking for cheap flights?Google has several tricks to achieve this

September kicks off and the memes about Christmas start, and since the holiday season is only a few months away, surely at some point you’ve considered traveling to enjoy your year-end break.

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In many cases, travel doesn’t happen because money is the building block, and often that’s not enough. However, there are some tools you can consider to find the cheapest prices. One of them is Google Flights.

The service acts as a search engine for the cheapest flight prices and automatically identifies where you are. Once on that page, you have to choose a target site.

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Following this, You can configure how many people will go Additionally, it asks for the date and time of your expected travel and analyzes your round-trip airfare accordingly. Then, You will find different results for different airlines. The first result is the cheapest.

Once you have selected the price and company that you think is right for you, you can see the ticket specifications such as the plane’s departure time and arrival airport.

after accepting the feethe platform will direct you to the airline’s website You can buy your ticket directly from them, either round-trip or one-way. After payment, please call the airline to confirm payment has been made and meets your requested specifications.

Tips for Finding Cheaper Prices

Turn on price tracking

if you have enough time, You can activate price tracking. You’ll find this option when results from different airlines come in, and what it does is notify you when prices drop significantly so you can take advantage of the deal when it comes out.

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If you have not confirmed travel dates, the same You can activate the “Any date” option, This will allow you to receive emails when the lowest price for this route drops significantly within a month. If the discount is not high enough, you will be able to receive the “best available flight price”.

Book at the right time

According to the Skyscanner travel search engine, the best dates to buy flights are Tuesday and Wednesday, Searches are up on Fridays and Sundays because travelers are at their leisure, which is also the day with the most departures.

It is recommended to start asking about fees three months in advance.According to the mentioned page, in september and october You can find the best price. Keep in mind that airlines lower fares slightly in the early morning and evening.

Use the “Browse” function

If you don’t have a destination in mind, but still want to explore the world, You can use the Explore toolwhich will show you the cheapest places.

You simply enter the nearest airport or your desired airport and select the ‘flexible dates’ option. This way, the search engine will execute the query and then provide you with a list of the cheapest sites and costs.

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