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Looking for Mariachi Gama 1000 to collaborate with Shakira

The group has devoted itself to the taste of young people through social networks.


Monterrey, NL. With a great career on stage and now all stars on social networks, Mariachi Gama 1000, headed by Chucho Gama, has sought a way to reach new generations through this platform.

And it is precisely his sons Jesús Jr. and Carlos “Chadbi” who have been in charge of attracting young people to the mariachi genre through fun dances with steps that they create themselves or that they follow through trends.

Such was the case with the “Champeta Challenge” that was born thanks to Shakira’s participation in the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2020, and that after the Mariachi Gama 1000 version went viral, they began to plan something with the Colombian .

“We were very grateful to Shakira and in fact we told her you know that when she came, we were already planning that she could sing with mariachi. The problem we had was how the pandemic is coming to all artists of the genre “, said Carlos” Chadbi “.

“We also had interaction with Jennifer Lopez, with Pitbull, Daddy Yankee. We are waiting for these doors of the pandemic to open so that we can offer you a mariachi show with all these artists that you are seeing, “he added.

They also talked about how it has been working with Natalia Jiménez, with whom they have had the opportunity to merge their talents, now that she has gradually made her way into the Mexican regional genre.

“We want to thank all the artists who are not, as such, Mexicans, because sometimes they really feel more Mexican than many artists who are really Mexican and abandon mariachi,” said Jesús Jr.

“We have many artists here in Mexico, very good, very talented, who do not dare to sing with mariachi because it is not a simple genre. So what Natalia Jiménez did with this album, throw herself after having great performers like Rocío Dúrcal, the truth is very cool ”, they concluded.

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