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The 80th Venice International Film Festival takes place at the Venice Lido: see all the celebrities’ looks straight from the red carpet.

At the end of the summer holidays, one of the most anticipated and important red carpets in the world of cinema always rolls out. On the Lido in Venice80th Venice Film FestivalWhat from August 30 to September 9 will bring together Italian and international stars in one of the most memorable cities in the world to present selected films to the competition.

The Class of 2023 was not born under a lucky star from an organizational standpoint, thanks to some last-minute scramble caused by the major actors’ strike that had rocked Hollywood for weeks. Nothing Zendaya, the face of Luca Guadagnino’s new film, which was supposed to open the premiere, is not Cate Blanchett; but among the many names that have skipped the usual lagoon tour, there are many others that are sure to hit the red carpet.

And here we come into play, evening after evening, and our eyes are always focused on cloth, jewelry – and what jewelry – and accessories which stars and others would choose to wear to stroll in front of photographers’ flashes. What will we see in this episode? Definitely a debut Katerina Murino as the godmother of this exhibition, tasked with representing the event and Italian cinema, but not only that: in fact, it is now a consolidated tradition, already observed by previous godmothers in the Lido, to wear every day the creations of different designers and brands, all strictly Italian. FromArmani from the fiery red of the premiere to the two-tone black and white Moschinopassing through pink Versace and burgundy Fendi: night after night we see different interpretations of red carpet style, reimagined in a modern way; a taste that is not stuck in the imagination of old Hollywood, but knows how to roam, offering bespoke suits (as in the case of Keaton) and more conceptual and refined volumes and proportions.

And it is with the celebrities who arrive, evening after evening, that it is easy to admire the seasonal trends and not only that, even the trends that are most associated with a change of vision, with a different understanding of what is defined as elegance. As with any self-respecting red carpet, there is of course no shortage of pompous, exaggerated dresses made of frills, feathers and sequins that catch photographers’ flashes, but overall we are witnessing a new definition of formal wear, with more sartorial choices minimalistic in lines, in color (which, despite its abundance, always loses to black) and in concept.

But let’s let the clothes do the talking: you can find them all day after day in the gallery, as well as follow along for information on each night’s most interesting looks.

Ninth evening: Hollywood glamor served

After many evenings with bread and ex-Jeffini, Lido rediscovers the charm of the great Hollywood divas, or rather returns to the red carpet. Jessica Chastain, one of the most charming and elegant actresses on the international stage. The partnership with Gucci continues, and for her the red carpet at the 80th Venice Film Festival is covered in glitter in a play of pink shades that suits her very well.

Sixth evening: in black and white

Monday night dress code: all black and white. Week opening trend and film red carpet Priscilla Sofia Coppola, characterized by the most classic combination, black and white. They show it well as a couple, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Kasia Smutniak: a white jacket and trousers for him, a black jacket and skirt for her. Both with ties, both super chic.
Godmother’s dress is black and white. Katerina Murinoand the rest of the evening’s celebrities prefer completely monochrome looks.

Top left: Rocio Muñoz Morales – Cailee Spaeny – Melis Sezen – Caterina Murino. Credits: Getty Images

Gold and silver light up the weekend

Top left: Adriana Lima – Leonie Hanne – Serena De Ferrari. Credits: Getty Images

There’s never a shortage of sparkly elements on the red carpet, namely metallic flashes gold and silver. During the first weekend of Venezia80, we saw various looks in line with the trend: in light and laminated gold, worn Adriana Lima from the warmer and more intense one demonstrated by Leonie Hanne, to the cascade of silver fringe chosen Isabelle Huppert and a jewel-effect sweater, seen on Paola Turani.

Top left: Francesca Chillemi – Isabelle Huppert – Paola Turani. Credits: Getty Images

Black is black, but pink…

Top left: Malika Ayana – Joan Thiele – Michaela Ramazzotti – Kasia Smutniak. Credits: Getty Images

After the initial color feat that brought a lot of red, pink and even flashes of other colors to the red carpet, we return to the classics, the ones that never disappoint and in some cases, like on the third evening, play a leading role. . We are talking about the black color, which was chosen mainly by celebrities who were present at yesterday’s shows. Midi, long, with an open back and thin straps or with long sleeves: there are many variations, but one great love.

Top left: Caterina Murino – Matilda Jolie – Barbara Palvin. Credits: Getty Images

But don’t be upset: pink, even on the third evening, had its share. From powdery shades to the inevitable outrageousness that has dominated the scene for months, we’ve seen a lot.

Above: Olivia Palermo.
Bottom left: Greta Bellamacina – Małgorzata Kozuchowska – Katerina Balivo. Credits: Getty Images

Second evening: all in pink

If the first evening was characterized by red, the second red carpet evening of this 80th edition sees the color pink as its protagonist. Lightly powdery, not reminiscent of the fuchsia Barbie that has surrounded us in recent months. It was chosen by godmother Caterina Murino and not only: she also liked Tonya Sotirupoulou, Mara Sattei with light notes of lilac and Nicole McKee.

Prime time: red, not just the carpet

Credits: Getty Images

The color of the first evening was undoubtedly red. Chosen as godmother Katerina MurinoV Armani Priv which does not disappoint expectations, and from Mariacarla Boscano, a real star under the photographers’ flashes. All eyes and eyes were drawn to the image of the Italian supermodel, shrouded in the creation. Dolce Gabbana which, in addition to the important corset, was accompanied by gloves and a veil.

Credits: Getty Images

Credits: Getty Images

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