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Looks Kendall Jenner same flowered dress as Mia Khalifa

Excited Mia Khalifa shared a photo of Kendall Jenner in which you are using the same dress that she and even that Selena Gomez had put on.

Excited by this coincidence I do not hesitate to post the photo on her Instagram stories, this just a couple of hours ago.

This same coincidence was repeated with Selena Gomez, only she appeared in one of her most recent official videos for one of her singles.

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This striking pink design with wide sleeves, also known as pumps, immediately catch the eye.

This is because with Kendall Jenner there are already 3 celebrities who use the same design, this one is tender and quite springy.

One of the first to use it was her own Mia Khalifa precisely in his Instagram stories and later he posted them in his feed, evidently each of the garments looked different in all three due to the physique of each one, however they definitely looked beautiful.

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It is likely that the younger sister of Kim Kardashian and one of the highest paid models worldwide, has shared the photo of one of her photo shoots.

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