López-Gatell lies about rapid tests for Covid-19, accused Alfaro


The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, asked the federal government to remove a blockage to import rapid tests early detection of Covid-19 and assured that the assistant secretary for Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, lie to the claim that there is no rapid test endorsed by any health authority.

“(Assistant secretary López Gatell) is a petition timely, and that we have done with all respect. What we cannot accept is that the lies being disqualified our approach. We cannot accept that Mexico follow without measure as they should-the possible infection. We are acting blindly,” he said.

He pointed out that Jalisco wants to help move the country forward and the only thing that is required is to do more tests to detect more quickly potential cases of contagions, to be able to isolate them and prevent the virus from spreading.

Alfaro said that in the web page of the FDA is no immunological test for antibodies “SARS-CoV IgG/IgM rapid test” endorsed by the world body.

“But if that is not enough this response, in the sense, that yes there are immunological tests supported, there is an input, I want to tell you that there are also rapid tests molecular, three when less sanctioned by the FDA, here we have it, including the Xpert that we have put on the table as an option,” said the governor in a video posted on their social networks because, according to him, the under-secretary will not answer the phone.

“What there has been is a series of disqualifications particularly to the proposal that we’ve put on the table to apply quick tests to make early detection, not to set up a mechanism or a specific treatment, but to be able to do early detection and isolation of patients, applying a PCR test to confirm and then to be able to avoid more infections. That is what Jalisco put it on the table and the only thing that we had as a response is a not that has no explanation,” said Enrique Alfaro.

Yesterday, the governor said that Lopez-Gatell could well be accused of “treason” for not applying tests. Today, a question from the press, the undersecretary was restricted to only send a message of greeting to the governor.


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